Meat of the story: Salatin stars again

It's a wonder Joel Salatin finds time to farm. Fresh from being featured in the recent release of the documentary Farmageddon: The Unseen War on America's Small, Family Farms, which explores the obstacles that small farmers face in a food system dominated by large corporations and the federal government, Salatin pops up in another foodie documentary called American Meat, which examines Salatin's innovative farming methods and highlights his partnership with food-chain Chipotle.

In honor of the release, Zynodoa restaurant in Staunton is holding a Farm, Film & Feast event this Sunday, July 10. Zynodoa's $35 per person four-course, special event menu will feature sustainable, locally sourced foods - including Polyface Farm chicken and pork. There will be two seatings, one at 1:30pm after the screening of American Meat at the Visualite Theater in Staunton, and another at 6:30pm after the screening of the film at the Zeus Theater in Waynesboro. Members of the Salatin family plan to be on hand at each of the seatings.

Incidentally, for those who want to get acquainted with Polyface's farming techniques first hand, next weekend is also Field Days at Polyface Farm, an event that happens only once every three years and draws people from around the world. Yes, it's a a triple threat weekend for meat-eating locavores.

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