Down the drain... for a purpose

A fire hydrant on downtown's Altamont Street has been running all day in an attempt to clear the line of water in order to make repairs to a line underneath nearby High Street, according to a worker and a resident in the area.

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Last week I came home and found Cherry Ave. closed because of a ruptured water main. I see more and more water breaks in the city. How much is this costing taxpayers, and with all the aging infrastructure is this going to be a common event. What is budgeted for this ?

well if the powers that be wont allow growth to up the tax base this problem will continue for as long as "we" the voters let it

What makes you think they wouldn't allow growth. Last time I read the City and County comprehensive plans there was plenty of growth planned.

There is no data showing that growth pays for itself - in fact data points in the opposite direction. More people = more schools and services required.