Republican challenges Deeds in State Senate

Attorney Thomas W. "T.J." Aldous announced a run for the 25th District seat in the General Assembly on June 28. Aldous, "a lifelong conservative," according to a release, is the first to challenge incumbent Democrat State Senator Creigh Deeds since he won the seat in a special election in 2001.

Aldous, 41, lives in Albemarle County and practices estate planning and business law. He has degrees from Brigham Young University, where he met his wife, Amber, University of Kansas, and New York University.


Graduate of Brigham Young, yes, that would qualify him as a conservative. Is he a Mormon ?

from wikipedia:

"Brigham Young University (BYU) is a private university located in Provo, Utah. It is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church), and is America's largest religious university and fourth-largest private university."

" Community leader, church leader and family man, Thomas W. “TJ” Aldous, Jr.,

Aldous outlined the issues of his campaign: better management of our tax dollars; creating a jobs-friendly environment; standing up for families; maximizing personal freedom; and ensuring a quality education for all students. "

the above is from the
Roanoke Times
and note- " maximizing personal freedom "
so does he support a woman's right to chose ? --personal freedom
does he support gay marriage ? a personal right to chose
does he support gay adoption ? a couples right to chose

I look forward to learning more about the personal freedoms he supports.

Let's just hope he is a true conservative and not just another republicrat. Hopefully if he is elected he will change one of the most criminal things about our representatives in washington. Campaigning for re-election while still in office.

Michelle "the psyco" Bachman is campaigning in south carolina while her home state of minnesota is shut down because politicians like her are not doing their job and figuring out the budget.

Barrack Obama is campaigning in the mid west on the taxpayers dime, flying the 747 around trying to get re elected while we pay the friggin bill.

Christ, if I wanted to change jobs i'll bet my employer would not pay me to take time off and look for another one!!!!!!!

What the hell is going on in washington!!!!!!

As Thomas Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.

I got to give republicans credit, there is no diversity in their message. kind of like the old you are either with us or against us rhetoric.

Nancy Drew: You probably already know the answers to your questions about T.J. Aldous. As a conservative Republican, he may profess, rhetorically, allegiance to certain values, but he won't act on them. Like other conservatives, Aldous is not very interested in or committed to the core values and principles in the U.S. Constitution, such as popular sovereignty, freedom for all citizens, equality, justice, tolerance, anad promoting the general welfare of society.

Here's Aldous' work specialty as a lawyer:

"Thomas W. Aldous Jr. focuses on estate taxation, gift taxation, generation-skipping transfer taxation, estate planning, estate administration and trust administration."

You can see what his priorities are...they contradict his campaign statements that I believe an elected official needs to be selfless, not selfish;" and "Taxes should be fair and reasonable. Tax laws should be clear."

It's kind of hard to serve two masters. And make no mistake, those who avail themselves of services like that provided by Aldous encouraged him to run for office.

On his campaign website, Aldous says "We need to preserve our freedoms...We all need to be treated equally and fairly." But do you believe he thinks gays should be able to marry? Do you think he believes in reproductive freedom for women? I don't think so.

Aldous believes that "free market principles" and "God’s help" will turn "this failing economy around and return" us "to prosperity." Maybe Aldous hasn't been paying attention to what his party has been doing for the last thirty years. Maybe he's unaware that laissez-faire capitalism led to rampant budget deficits and a ballooned national debt, caused millions of job losses and a broken economy, and led to an increase in poverty while enabling the already-rich to become even richer. Perhaps he thinks this is God's "plan."

T.J. Aldous has no responsible ideas for how to "make our government better," nor does he really believe in preserving rights for all citizens. He's a Republican.

More local political figures appear on Charlottesville's locally-produced interview program Politics Matters with host Jan Paynter:

Nancy: don't count on finding any caffeinated beverages at his election night party.