The wedding issue

The summer edition of the Hook's spectacular quarterly wedding guide is here, and in addition to its presence as a special insert inside the June 23 edition you can read it in a digital edition. Edited by Stephanie Marie Garcia!


nuff sed.

Marriage is fun. Ive enjoyed it many times. I am always on the lookout for the next ex Mrs Road33.

Marriage has become an entire industry in itself, even down to the movies and TV shows about it. All the more reason to elope, if one feels they must get married. If one is secure in their relationship they don't need all the pomp and vanity and materialism.

Yep marraige is an industry. Why do you think the hook has a Weddings edition?

The girl with the chalkboard proclaiming that she will forever be a bridesmaid is hot. She also seems to share my feelings about marraige. Weddings are a good place to meet women. I never thought I would have so many positive things to say about weddings. People should just have weddings and not get married.

I must confess to having the purest of thoughts about the chalkboard woman. She just looks soo dirty.

you may want to change the picture on the home page about the weddings. The g over the brides head on the home page shot looks like a noose