The week in review

Worst spate of Southwood trailer park news: Two men are sentenced June 27 for distributing meth in the mobile community. Darlin Antonio Rodriguez-Recinos and Israel Espinoza-Chavez receive six and a half years and three years, respectively, NBC29 reports. And on July 4, David Carter, 28, allegedly fires a gun and barricades himself in his residence in the 700 block of Joy Court for several hours before surrendering to police. He's charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm in a dwelling. 

Worst holiday weekend casualty: Ethan Kenney, 26, of Crozet dies July 2 after his motorcycle collides with a pickup truck at the intersection of Gordonsville and Klockner roads, the 10th road fatality in Albemarle this year.

Most layoffs: American Press is Gordonsville is closing its doors because of economic condition in the printing world and 123 people will be out of work, WINA reports.

Most dubious foster parenting: Stauntonian Russell C. Bayne III, 38, is sentenced June 28 for attempting to film a 15-year-old girl staying at his home with a hidden bathroom-cam in October, according to the News Leader. Bayne pleaded guilty to felony filming of a minor and will serve no jail time. The charge will be dropped to a misdemeanor if he stays away from illicit activities for two years.

Best state in which to do business: Virginia regains the coveted number 1 position from CNBC.

Best sign things go better with Coke: Coca-Cola chair Muhtar Kent is the keynote speaker at the naturalization ceremony at Monticello July 4, the second Coke head to do so (Cuban defector Roberto Críspulo Goizueta did so in 1995), and the Coca-Cola Foundation hands Monticello a $500K grant for bringing contemporary relevance to the genius of Thomas Jefferson, according to a release.

Second best anniversary after the Declaration of Independence's: The bricked and pedestrianized Downtown Mall celebrates 35 years July 1-2.

Most popular: Governor Bob McDonnell and gay adoption, according to a statewide Quinnipiac University survey.

Not so popular: Gay marriage.

Most satisfied: Ninety percent of the Albemarleans who responded to a county survey find the quality of life here good to excellent, according to a release.

Not so satisfying: Ease of any mode of travel in Albemarle other than a car– bus, rail, and bike– got least favorable ratings, as did the availability of affordable child care.

Latest crop of youngsters doing the gang thing: Prosecutors say that the two 14-year-olds who pleaded guilty to May attacks on people in McGuffey Park are involved in a local gang called ZOG: Zoo of Goons. Police Chief Tim Longo says the regional gang task force has been aware of ZOG for the past six months, Henry Graff reports for NBC29.

Latest candidate to seek Watkins Abbitt's seat: Nelson County Supe Connie Brennan, a Democrat, wants to try again after losing to Abbitt in 2007, according to the Progress. Four other candidates are in the race for the 59th District House of Delegates seat: Republicans Matt Fariss and Ronald Ferrin (who sought the 5th District congressional seat in 2010) from Campbell County, H. Evans Thomas from Appomattox, and Dem Jasper Hendricks III from Pamplin.

Latest snub to the Confederate flag: Lexington, the final resting place of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, considers an ordinance banning placement of the flag on public poles, although individuals could still display it on private property, WINA reports.

Ickiest: A 7-Eleven clerk in Fisherville is handed a customer's phone that allegedly had a display of the man's genitalia. Arrested June 29 for indecent exposure is John Daniels, 27, the News Leader reports.

Biggest fine: The Department of Environmental Quality wants the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Authority hit with a $12,480 fine for building check dams not authorized in a 2008 water protection permit, according to the DP.

Biggest flash mob: Charlottesville City Market is the scene of a surprise dance at 11:15am July 2, according to the Newsplex.

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While I understand the humor intended for the column, I find it utterly disgusting and despicable to add - Worst holiday weekend casualty... I am a friend of the man who died and he not only died but sustained horrible injuries in the accident that have shock many to their core. To add this horrific tragedy to your list of meth heads and stupidly crafted "insights" is really disgusting. Have some decency and show some respect for the deceased AND his family. Jeez.