Anna Kavalauskas: 1995 Toyota Corolla


Anna Kavalauskas drives a hard bargain. Last August, she purchased her 1995 Toyota Corolla for $1.

"My boyfriend's parents were moving to Paris, so they wanted to get rid of it," says the fourth-year Philosophy major at UVA.

But one man's trash...

"I'm really grateful for this car. By far, the best thing about it is that everything works," says Kavalauskas.

Nothing to scoff at, considering the state of her previous set of wheels, a 1990 Volvo.

"My last car's doors made horrible noises every time you opened them, and the driver's side window always fell down," she recalls. "I had to prop it up with a piece of cardboard wedged in."

The one thing she wishes her new ride had: personality.

"It's kind of bland," she says. "It's an every person's kind of car. But then again, it's a lot more reliable than my old car. So normal is good."

Anna Kavalauskas

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