Courts should ease up on fathers


I was so glad to hear another woman speak out about the inhumane laws of marriage and divorce courts [Letter, "Kroboth driven crazy," March 2]. I too do not know Kurt Kroboth, but I sympathize with the unjust amount that he was ordered to pay by the divorce court.

Courts should get parents to agree on an amount that will allow both to live comfortably, not the opposite– making the father or mother homeless, or making them so stressed and depressed that they can no longer function in life, or are driven to acts of violence.

Courts need to realize that fathers are just as important in a child's life as a mother. I don't know what I would have done growing up without my father and mother

So come on, courts and mothers, please let the fathers live. This is 2006, and it is way past time for a lot of things to change.

Mary Jane Raines