Satin cushions: Undies Valentine show not undercover

Many men may find buying their loved ones the perfect Valentines gift an exasperating chore. The innovative shop owners of a new boutique called Derriere de Soie just off the Downtown Mall set out to change all that at their men's sale on Thursday, February 9.

In order to make male customers feel more comfortable buying lingerie, owners Susan Tracy and Allison Hurt created a party-like atmosphere, complete with free beer, cocktails, and snacks between 6 and 9pm.

As if that weren't enough, the owners hired Sophie Dillon to model various underwear, lingerie, and pasties from the store's inventory.

"I'll try on anything you want," Dillon told the men while employees made whisky drinks.

About 30 men and a few women attended the event, ranging in age from their early twenties to mid sixties, with most buying something for their loved ones. Both owners considered the event a success.

"We will definitely be doing more events like this," Tracy says.

Cecilia Pesce helps model Sophie Dillon get into bra and panties for the guests.

Derriere de Soie owners Susan Tracy and Allison Hurt

Susan Tracy shows Tom Schwank a selection of pasties.

Greg Sawin shops while Sophie Dillians looks for something to try on.
Allison Hurt gift wraps a valentine gift.