Nuptial gifts: Nude twist on old tradition



Planning a wedding? You've registered, reserved hotel rooms, and written dreamy vows. Think you've thought of everything? How about the perfect wedding gift for your betrothed?

"It's a longstanding tradition," says event planner J.F. Legault. "A lot of times it's an intimate gift," he adds, "something those two will remember the rest of their lives."

While jewelry is a frequent choice– pearls and diamonds for women and cufflinks or a watch for men– some brides and grooms go with less traditional offerings.

"On our road trip right after our wedding, I steered us on a detour and surprised him with two nights at the historic inn at Pinehurst, and a round of golf on The Deuce, a famous course," says recent bride Anna Billman.

A destination also played prominently in the gift Keith Sipes gave his bride-to-be, Kimberly Brandt, in 2003.

"My husband gave me a trip to Venice to pick out a cameo for my necklace for our wedding day," says Kimberly, "and I gave him an antique set of tuxedo buttons for the tuxedo he wore at the wedding."

But while many of these gifts can cost an arm and a leg, one local bride actually gave her betrothed an arm and a leg. And, well, a few other body parts to boot: she had art photos taken of her– clad in nothing but heels and her wedding veil.

"I wanted to give him something he'd never forget," says this bride, who modestly has asked the Hook to withhold her name.

Needless to say, her groom was slack-jawed– and still is.

"There's never been a better gift," he says, shaking his head in awe at his new wife's, um, inventiveness.

Intimate gift, indeed.

One bride threw her groom a "curve" with her nontraditional gift.