Getting hitched: The Hook's guide to conjugal conundrums, nuptial nostalgia, and that utter rarity: the NAKED bride"



Few things bring out the best and worstin people like a wedding. Pulling together the detailsfrom flowers to dress to guestscan strain even the most compatible couples, and that's before adding in the requisite meddling mother-in-law. Yikes.

But when the big day comes– as the newlyweds on the following pages attestthe hard work pays off. Family is together, love is in the air, and even the most embittered, thrice-divorced guest can appreciate an open bar!

In the Hook's fourth annual wedding issue, we ask newlyweds what made their big days special, reveal how some well-known locals met their matches, and show that even wedding experts can get thrown for a loop. Plus, you'll learn why one bride got naked right before her big day!