Wrong byline, wrong numbah, etc.


* Due to a production template error, last week's news story "Happy again: Albemarle First finds a taker" had an incorrect byline. It was written by the Associated Press.

* The phone number for Albemarle County director of general services George Shadman is incorrect in the January 11 article, "Albemarle recycling: Let the consumer beware." His number is 296-5816.

* In last week's cover story, the image of multiple lanes was provided by Rail Solution, Star Solutions' most ardent critic, as a representation of what Star Solutions might create.

* In last week's cover sidebar, we misstated VDOT's figure for the percentage of I-81 traffic that's trucks. The correct figure is 29 percent.

* The picture in last week's "On Architecture" column should have been credited to Jason Hottel Photography.

* Bern Ewert, the subject of last week's Hot Seat, actually went to Europe twice as a youth. He hitchhiked around for six months on the first journey; the second trip in 1965 was to study French in Paris.

* The location and spelling of the robbed Westpark Market on Four Seasons Drive were incorrect in the January 22 issue.