Phillip Banks: 1999 Freightliner FL 70


"The best thing about this ride is its size," says Philip Banks enthusiastically about his enormous beer truck. "People get out of the way when I come by."

The big delivery vehicle has a six-speed manual transmission, which also suits Banks, who says driving it is easier than driving a car.

"I can change gears without using the clutch," he says. "At high enough rpm's I can just flip from fifth gear right into sixth."

When he's not working, Banks drives an automatic Nissan Maxima. "It's easier on gas," he says, noting that the Freightliner's tank holds 75-80 gallons of diesel. He laughs when he says he's glad he's not filling the tank.

The hardest place to maneuver the "draft truck," as he calls it, is downtown. "It's especially hard in the afternoon," he says, motioning to tight corners and a lack of parking on Second Street near where he was making a delivery to a Mall restaurant. "I like to get my deliveries down here finished in the morning,"

Any problem with cops?

"No, not too much trouble," Banks says. "I try to get along with everybody."

Phillip Banks