LETTER- Avoid TSS another way

I would like to thank Lisa Provence and The Hook for last week's article about Toxic Shock Syndrome. The article showed an honest regard for women's health issues, and was informative about the infection itself. I am pleased that important issues which were taboo in our mothers' time are now becoming open topics.

However, I feel the TSS issue is not completely closed until there is a discussion about better prevention of infections and alternatives to common feminine products. Specifically, I wanted to draw the reader's attention to an alternative to the tampon that is slowly gaining nationwide momentum in the search for better solutions.

The Keeper and Diva Cup are two brands of rubber or silicone cups used instead of tampons and sanitary napkins. These products are not only healthy (FDA approved, antibacterial, medical-grade, non-damaging, and no bleach or other chemicals added), but also economical ($30 for a cup that lasts up to 10 years with proper care), convenient (take it anywhere), and environmental (in a women's lifetime she is likely to use around 15,000 sanitary pads or tampons, which end up in landfills and are the most common form of refuse found on our nation's beaches).

Readers can find more information on the Diva Cup and The Keeper at divacup.com and keeper.com.

Thank you again for your informative journalism.

Sarah Woodford