Hessian Hills LLC to Heather Taffe, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 2424 Barracks Place, $133,400.

William P. Heron to Harold A. Coffey and Valeri V. Banks, 966 Sutton Court, Stonehenge Townhouses, $174,900.

DMV LLC to Neighborhood Investments DMV, 2.748 acres at 2055 Abbey Road, Pantops, $2,700,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Barry G. and Margaret Anne Campbell, 0.389 acres at 3398 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $538,126.

James O. and Nanette Hughlett to Brian K. Cowan,341 Glade Lane, Townwood, $199,000.

Cynthia A. and Frank A. Trombley Jr. to Andrew S. Slack, 0.294 acres at 958 Haden Lane, Rea subdivision, Crozet, $189,000.

Virginia Land LLC to Southland Homes Inc. 1340 Stony Point Road, Montgomery Ridge, $250,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Roger D. and Carla C. Hutchins, 0.334 acres at 2053 Aviano Way, Fontana, $366,049.

Matthew R. Giese and Bela A. Acharekar to Lester E. Bares and Roselyn L. Elliott, 0.437 acres at 1464 Gray Stone Court, Mill Creek North, $248,000.

Janice H. Lumpp to Randy A. Jones, 0.162 acres at 1547 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $245,900.

Warren G. and Belinda D. Polson to Richard G. and Marilyn S. Clark, 0.332 acres at 1125 Dunlora Drive, Dunlora, $489,000.

Bunny G. Sheppard to Skyler and Marian Meighan, 0.216 acres at 836 Harris Road, Willoughby, $294,400.

Gregory L. and Susan R. Havens to Joseph M. Fitzgerald Jr., 0.912 acres at 310 Gloucester Road, Carrsbrook, $314,900.

Amanda R. Mushal to Vishal Patel, 114 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $166,500.

David S. Hawkins to Salvatore J. Milione, 1600 Garden Court, Gardencourt Townhouses, $187,500.

Worth Park LLC to Worth Park Crossing LLC, 0.738 acres at 1758 Worth Park, Forest Lakes, $1,495,000.

Mary Cameron Tarbell to Katherine F. and George R. Roberts Jr., 285 Tennis Drive, Four Seasons patio homes, $225,000.

Helen G. Acquard to Robert L. and Grace J. Rebein, 1228 Gazebo Court, Branchlands Retirement Village, $285,000.

Barry G. and Diane Schnoor to Garland T. and Natalie A. Branch, 0.597 acres at 5955 Weston Lane, Weston, $310,000.

Scott A. Hanson to Valerie and Michael Kirkman, 0.123 acres at 498 Ednam Circle, Ednam Forest, $835,000.


 Hauser Homes Inc. to Julie K. Ammons, 5452 Hill Top Street, Parkside Village, Crozet, $178,015.

Edward J. and Margaret L. Jones, trustees, to Laura R. Grand-Jean, 340 Key West Drive, Key West, $378,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Niti Nguansiri and Kathleen Y. Hwang, 0.485 acres at 1719 Mattox Court, Mosby Mountain, $343,557.

Sugaray LLC to Tammy J. Hager and Michael Napier, 944 Glenwood Station Lane, Glenwood Station condominiums, $700,000.

Steven N. Heon and Brenda Berg-Heon to Joel D. Mills and Katherine Ann Zimmerman, 0.214 acres at 2652 Powell Creek Drive, Forest Lakes South, $242,500.

Charles L. and Elfie Tatum to Crystal A. Taylor, 7.903 acres at 7247 Happy Creek Road, Gordonsville, $275,000.

Karla K. Berger, trustee, to Michael C. and Jean B. Wheelwright, 0.341 acres at 453 Hidden Ridge Road, Mill Creek South, $274,000.

Laiju Zhang to Mekonnen Giorgies and Sara Abraha, 2323 Finch Court, Briarwood, $204,000.

Fluvanna Land and Development LLC to Shoppes of Clover Lawn LLC, 0.821 acres in Clover Lawn Village, $1,350,000.

Eldon Farm Ltd. to Robert L. S. and Krysia C. Nelson, 5.526 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, $200,000.

TSRM Group LLC to Thomas J. and Tracy C. Seeley, 1.078 acres at 830 Carlyle Place, Foxchase, $625,000.

Paul and Barbara Jasiurkowski to David Dennis, 13.963 acres at 6695 Highlander Way, Emerald Ridge, Crozet, $600,000.

Craig and Ann Hess to Jane C. Sarazin, 124 Buckingham Circle, $269,900.

Linda W. and Donald W. Thomas Jr. to Mary C. Tarbell, 282 Tennis Drive, Four Seasons Patio Homes, $262,000.

Anita W. and John A. Grodon Jr. to Russell S. and Victoria A. Bombardieri, 0.348 acres at 1170 River Chase Ridge, Dunlora, $483,900.

Charles F. and Susie C. Payne to Emily C. Duke and Lawrence P. Koch, 7 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons townhouse, $195,000.

Frank J. Quayle Profit Shaing Plan to Bradley R. Spano, 2.536 acres at 1885 Woodberry Road, Flordon, $753,000.

Gary L. and Patricia Ann Shifflett to George and Marti Spry, 4.629 acres at 7677 Monacan Trail Road, $250,000.


 M. Clifton McClure, executor, to Boaz Mountain LLC, 457.66 acres at 3000 Sutherland Road, Cross Roads, Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $6,400,000.

Kelley L. Carter to Stephen G. Thomas, 0.088 acres at 2278 Sparrow Lane, Briarwood, $237,000.

Christopher C. and Deborah S. Samley to Deborah S. Samley, 0.304 acres at 1664 Empress Place, Forest Lakes South, gift.

Lisa Faye Rockwell to Jerry W. Martin, 0.370 acres at 1297 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek North, $262,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Keith S. and Gretchen M. Kelleher, 0.257 acres at 1726 Lanetown Way, Grayrock North, Crozet, $339,900.

Skyline Home Builders LLC to Kelley L. Carter, 0.233 acres at 1380 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $329,900.

Hessian Hills LLC to Victoire E. Kelley, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 2403 Barracks Court, $139,900.

Hessian Hills LLC to Brian R. and Martha D. Cullaty, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 118 Hessian Hills Road, $139,900.

Barbara Ann Lawrence to Kathleen M. Kildea, 2613 Huntington Road, Northfield, $25,000.

Daniel F. Kildea to Kathleen M. Kildea, 2613 Huntington Road, Northfield, $25,000.

James M. Kildea to Kathleen M. Kildea, 2613 Huntington Road, Northfield, $25,000.

Thomas J. Kildea to Kathleen Marie Kildea, 2613 Huntington Road, $25,000.


John N. and Mary Ann Smith to Irwan D. and Marina T. Sanusi, 0.271 acres at 3148 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $376,000.

Mark J. and Melissa N. Baginski to Phillip R. and Doris G. Lackey, 119 Blueberry Road, Cedar Hills, $395,000.

Planet Fun II LLC to Berkmar Business Park, 4.834 acres on Berkmar Drive, $2,400,000.

Faith Wyland to Elizabeth M. Wellborn, 0.093 acres at 101 Pepper Place, Willoughby, $190,000.

Keswick Corp. to Mark and Jayelene Betonti, 2.0 acres in Keswick Estates, $750,000.

James A. and Susan S. Burns to Rasheed Akram Siddiqui, 3.007 acres at 3313 Rosewood Lane, Rosewood, $1,290,000.

RJR LC to Skyline Home Builders LLC, parcel in Highland, Rockbridge, $92,500.

David B. and Cynthia A. Centerbar to Corey L. and Charlene B. Harris, 2911 Idlewood Drive, Woodbrook, $315,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., three lots in Glenmore, $547,000.

Grayrock LLC to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., lot in Grayrock, $113,625.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Rajesh Hiranandani, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 1015 Weybridge Court, $162,000.

Charles Christopher Heilman to Jerry I. Baber, 0.295 acres at 4 Rockbrook Drive, Rockbrook, $325,000.

James and Virginia Hamrick LLC to Thomas L. and Anne H. Fitzgerald, 0.913 acres in Gardens Business condominiums, Gardens Boulevard, $495,000.


Jeffrey A. and Usha V. Barry to Nadeem I Khan, 0.240 acres at 143 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $355,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Gregory Rosko and Monica Cates-Rosko, 2.0 acres at 4906 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Hillwood, Mechum's River, $302,000.

Dona D. and Jae W. Rachmel to Joshua and Diana Keeton, 0.268 acres at 6047 Cling Lane, Crozet Crossing, $181,000.

Elizabeth W. Taliaferro-Jones to Susan A. and Francis A. Burke III, 0.033 acres at 994 RiverRun Drive, LePark, RiverRun, $228,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Luis F. Medina and Claudia A. Linares, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 1005 Weybridge Court, $265,995.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Candida M. High, 950 Braeburn Street, Grayrock Orchard, $414,237.

Gracie A. and Gary W. Haines to Nikolay D. and Karolina K. Sandev, 0.187 acres at 2665 Powell Creek Drive, Forest Lakes South, $275,000.

Nan P. Rennie to Gracie A. Haines, 0.312 acres at 2695 Powell Creek Drive, Powell Creek, $328,830.

Nancie C. Garth to Lindsay W. and Dorine P. Brown, 0.366 acres at 1396 Dunlora Drive, Riverwalk of Dunlora, $567,500.

Daniel A. Leung to Charles A. Francolini, 0.175 acres at 3510 Wedgewood Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $484,030.

Peter L. Reines to Christopher C. Horner, 0.803 acres at 1489 Kinross Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $765,000.

Carlo and Martha A. Colombini to Bernard Schwab, 2.002 acres at 95 Key West Drive, Redbud, $90,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to Michael S. and Genobeba S. Lovett, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 136 Hessian Hills Circle, $134,900.

Mary P. Newton to Keith W. and Melissa H. Gibson, 0.272 acres at 1095 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $282,500.

Barbara V. Duzenski to Roy E. and Mariettte C. Slater, 11.02 acres at 6620 Louisa Road, Cobham, Keswick, $447,000.

Rolf H. L. and Elizabeth C. Hanson to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, 0.308 acres at 1446 Birchcrest Lane, Teakwood, Forest Lakes, $415,300.

Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, to Stephen H. and Doreen Seymour, 0.308 acres at 1446 Birchcrest Lane, Teakwood, Forest Lakes, $516,900.

Steven C. and Cathy A. Braden to Myron D. Ripley and Sandra K. McLaughlin, 2.001 acres at 100 Terrell Road, $498,000.

Metzger Consolidated Properties to Nicholas W. and Cynthia S. Danforth, 5.0 acres at 200 George Rogers Road, Key West, $495,000.

Big Deal


M. Clifton McClure, executor, to Boaz Mountain LLC, 457.66 acres at 3000 Sutherland Road, Cross Roads, Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $6,400,000.