Commercial construction permits



 Endless Summer Aviation LLC, Broadway Court/Building #3 Warehouse Office Building, $300,000.

C&L Partners, interior renovations for new offices, $90,000.

First Interstate Charlottesville Ltd., c/o the Falls Building, interior renovation for US Cellular, $15,000.

Hermanus LLC, new illuminated wall sign, 39 sq. ft. for Caribbean Malecon restaurant, $4,000.

Randolph D. Wade, freestanding sign for R. D. Wade Builder Inc., $2,400.

540 Greenfield LLC, pergola over entrance of Gilliland Office Building, $4,500.

Sunset LLC, illuminated wall sign reface using existing electric, $3,800.

Hollymead Town Center LLC, install two illuminated signs front and rear of space, $8,000.

Delek Services Inc., electrical service for equipment trailer for testing ground water contamination, $650.

S&B Realty Venture LLC, reface existing letter wall sign, used cars and outlet center, using existing electric, $3,000.

S&B Realty Ventures LLC, sanitary sewer line, no price given.

Rio Road Associates, apartment destroyed by fire, slab remains, $70,000.

P. Lee or Barbara D. McCauley, 6' x 12' treatment trailer for remediation of groundwater, $2,600.

Unity Church of Charlottesville, new church with walk-out basement, no retaining wall, $1,500,000.

Farmington Country Club, inside GL, white house on the Corner of Farmington Drive and Tennis Court, $500.

Sarah J. and Laurence W. Frost, trustees, new classroom addition to Frost Montessori School, $247,500.

B&B Partnership, demo permit for brick home @ 1298 Richmond Road, $10,000.

Eastern Ridge LLC, demo office building (Hickman building), 410,000.

Vassalos LLC, new vestibule at the entrance to Tip-Top Restaurant, $18,000.

George F. and Janice P. Perkins, interior renovations for Osteopathic Surgical Center, $600,000.