Binge story is sickening

Thanks, Hook, for your contribution to glorifying binge drinking on college campuses [December 1 cover story: "4th and binge: tradition or insanity"]

It was perfectly clear by your large and in-charge front page cover photo where you stand on this issue. Not to mention the number of photos of students drinking, liquor bottles (I count 12), and by the amount of print you dedicate to narrating– no, celebrating– the ridiculous "tradition" of the "fourth-year fifth." Where are the photos of the fourth-year 5K race? one might ask.

Your reporter deftly follows John until kickoff with the urgent question, "Will he succeed at his lofty goal?" The climax moment of this narrative is where the question, "Did you finish?" is answered by a resounding "F*ck yeah!" Wow! The audience can breathe a sigh of relief.

That waxes about as much class as William Shatner exposing himself on Howard Stern. I am seriously disappointed in the Hook to the point of repulsion. After reading your article, I feel like I am the one sticking my head over the toilet.

Teri Kent