2005: The swinging kitchen door...

It appears that Newton's Third Law of Motion simply doesn't apply to restaurants in Charlottesville. If it did, for every restaurant that opened, there'd have to be one that closed. And, as you can see from the following list, that's simply not the case– not even close. As we can all agree, when the laws of physics cease to apply, it can only mean one thing.

In fact, does anyone hear those hoofbeats? Oh no! Oh, sweet Lord! It's the Four Horsemen!!!! We're all going to DIE!!!!

Wait a minute. Let's be reasonable. It could just mean that we have more restaurants. Hmmmmm....



 La Taza (Belmont)

Riverside North (Forest Lakes)

Cassis (Downtown)

The Brick (Scottsville's Caffe Bocce spot)

University Diner (open for just two days in April)

Tea Time Desires (York Place)

Superstars Pizza (Emmet Street)

Lime Leaf (Rio Hill)

Fresco (Downtown Mall)

Pomme (Gordonsville)

Donnie Mc's: Home of Adam's Rib & BBQ

Carving Board Café (Albemarle Square)

Basil (The Corner)

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches (The Corner)

VaVino (Downtown Mall)

White Orchid (West Main)

Petit Pois (Downtown Mall)

The Flat (Downtown Mall)

Shun Xing (Forest Lakes)

Maruthi (Preston Plaza)

Caribbean Malecon (Riverside)

Three Notch'd Grill (Crozet)

Kiki Café and Bar (Downtown Mall)

Tokyo Rose (anytime now)

Mesob (The Corner)



 BazCones (Downtown Mall)

Big Mouth Pizza (actually closed in December 2004)

Caffe Bocce (Scottsville)

Buffalo Wing Factory and Pub (Elliewood Ave.)

Maharaja on the Corner

O'Dell's (Gordonsville)

University Diner (Corner)

Fresco (Downtown Mall)

Bertine's North (Madison)

High Street Steak and Grill

MC2 (Nellysford)

Sloan's (Millmont)

Pupusa Crazy (Riverside)