Read, white, black: Hooked up on Rugby Road

On a chilly Thursday night, December 8, the young and old, sophisticated and hip descended upon the UVA Art Museum for The Hook holiday party. The invitations requested "black, white, or red" cocktail attire in honor of the publication's signature colors.

Guests flowed through the front entrance and fanned out to pack just about every corner of the museum. In the festive atmosphere, jovial guests hobnobbed as they balanced their hors d'oeuvres and drinks in a perfect cocktail party ballet.

Hotcakes supplied tasty treats, including cookies decorated with the Hook logo, and Starr Hill provided the beverages to wash it all down.

Photophile decided the party was the perfect opportunity to formally present– or perhaps "expose"– the merry faces behind the now familiar bylines that you read each week. Enjoy!

Michael Laskoe with cartoonist Don Berard

Creative newlyweds Jen Fariello and Chris Conklin

Poet Chris Hlad with editor Hawes Spencer and Rolling Stones expert Lindsay Barnes

Award winning reporter Lisa Provence and high-selling sales rep Anna Harrison

Intern deluxe Jocelyn Guest and art director Mitchell Jarrett

Senior editor Courteney Stuart and real estate expert Rosalind Warfield-Brown