Story honors community

Jocelyn Guest's cover story in the December 1 Hook on the fourth-year fifth ["4th and Binge"] is the best thing I have read in your publication.

Maybe it's my lack of a college educated brain, but how is publishing an article about stupid behavior tantamount to the stupid behavior itself? [December 8 letter by Adrienne Keller: "Hook dishonors community"]

Isn't not talking about dangerous things, such as binge drinking or drug abuse, what's really dangerous? If we as a community do not have dialogue about the problems in the community and just sweep those problems under the rug, we will end up in a dysfunctional city, with prejudices and acrimony.

I would argue that the Hook does not dishonor the community at all, but in fact does our community a great service by opening up this problem to discussion by the people of the community.

Kevin Nicholas Martin