Let's let Keller dictate

I'm constantly amazed at how seemingly normal Americans (people with PhD's even!) continue to blame the press for "irresponsible" behavior by reporting on issues that they take exception to. Specifically, Dr. Adrienne Keller's letter to the editor [December 8: "Hook dishonors community"] blames you and your reporter for a "lack of responsibility" for an article you published [December 1 cover story: "4th and Binge"]

I suppose Dr. Keller also believes that your paper should not talk about issues of racism, drug abuse, or rape on campus because that too would be "irresponsible."

If that's the case, then let's just politely ask the media to throw out any reporting on AIDS, military quagmires in foreign countries, and ethics scandals involving politicians. We certainly don't want to let anyone know about those things either.

Perhaps Dr. Keller, along with her New Year's resolutions, wouldn't mind sending you a yearly list of what is and what's not okay to write about in 2006. That way The Hook could finally bring some "honor" to the community.

J. Tayloe Emery
Washington, D.C.