Seth Lozano 1998 Chevy 3500 Pickup

Someone bought Seth Lozano's green Chevy pickup at the equivalent of a VDOT auction in Duluth, Minnesota– it had been the property of the Forest Service– threw a snowplow on the front, and probably made good money clearing away tons of snow. When Snowplow Man had had enough– or at the end of the winter– he traded the truck in at Duluth Dodge, which is where Lozano snagged it this fall.

"I just got tired of hauling drywall around in my Mercedes 300 TD wagon," says Lozano, operations manager for a construction company. He parked the Merc, hopped in the Chevy with his puppy, and headed to Charlottesville, where he had a job lined up.

"It got 16 miles per gallon on the highway," the 6'4" Cornell University alum says, "plus the 8-foot bed is big enough for me to stretch out in when I can't find a motel that will let me bring my dog in."

Lozano says he doesn't miss the old Mercedes except when he has a date. Somehow, a pickup with a snowplow on the front doesn't make quite the same impression on babes.