Darden B. and Carole G. Battle to Gayle F. and H. Victor Millner III, 0.988 acres at 2205 Ridgeway Lane, Ashcroft, $515,000.

Paul A. Accardo to John G. and Susan J. Pennett, 1016 Ridgeley Court, Stonehenge, $226,000.

George E. and Patricia A. Travers to Caroline V. Shea, 1341 Wimbledon Way, LeParc, RiverRun, $270,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Pedro J. and Nancy Mercado, 0.182 acres at 344 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $293,000.

Allan E. and Hilde G. Lee to Joshua G. and Nell M. Levitt, 0.771 acres at 1918 Piper Way, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,075,000.

Rock Castle Creek LLC to Custom Home Builders of Virginia Inc., lots 4, 11, and 12, Rock Castle Creek, $245,000.

Douglas A. and Marlene M. Camp to Anthony A. and Angela W. Ricci, 0.258 acres at 1013 Rolling Meadow Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $398,500.

David P. and Rita F. Durrer to M. Elizabeth Burton, 3.070 acres at 2912 Secretary's Road, Scottsville, $230,000.

Joel R. and Ziva Schwartzman to Yumiko and William G. Womack Jr., unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 134 Turtle Creek Road, $130,000.

Richard C. and Juanita F. Shields to Walter F. and Diana Barfield, 10.245 acres at 7584 Gordonsville Road, Meadow View Farm, $650,000.

Valentina L. Brashers to William G. and Jerilyn Kae Hunter, 2.222 acres at 663 Rocky Hollow Road, $319,700.

Connie Lamarche to Alexander LLC, 404 Carrsbrook Drive, Westmoreland, $233,814.

Michael H. and Sheila R. McClung to Philip R. Jewel, 2.654 acres at 960 Quail Ridge Circle, Earlysville Forest, Earlysville, $380,000.

Mary Hudson Fulghum and Fannie Hudson Knox to Key Display Group South Inc., 10.979 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $82,500.

Robert J. Kroner, Trustee, to Tuan A. Le, 0.309 acres at 1536 Surrey Hill Court, Raintree subdivision, $299,950.

Garland M. Gay Jr. Development LLC to Tuan A. Le, 5.0 acres in Samuel Miller Magisterial District, $399,950.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Thomas F. and Alla Lamp, 0.225 acres at 345 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $301,700.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Michael E. and Marcia McBlair, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 915 Dorchester Place, $246,000.

Virginia P. Harris to William L. and Virginia B. Meyer, 207 North Bennington Road, Hessian Hills, $250,000.

Hugh A. Ragsdale to Daniel W. and Amber Ellis Anastasi, 1274 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $176,500.

Leon Daniel to Terry Fry, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $141,500.

Leland H. and Cynthia A. Williams to Benjamin K. and Jamie M. Hedman, 2.529 acres on State Route 784, 2995 Doctor's Crossing, $307,000.

Hugh P. and Elizabeth Horton to Lauren C., William J., and Analie J. Rademaker, trustees, 1207 Oak Hill Drive, Oak Hill, $199,000.

Carriage Hill I condominiums to Madelyn A. Remsburg, unit at Claremont at Carriage Hill, 1055 Weybridge Court, $239,500.

Madelyn A. and Larry E. Remsburg to David D. Snowden, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 127 Turtle Creek Road, $145,000.

Jann Rhea to Matthew S. Wright, 57 Georgetown Green, $219,000.

John Lancaster and Laurel Hausler to James M. and Micole I. Royal, 665 Panorama Road, Little Clover Hill, Earlysville, $340,000.

Alma E. Jackson to Greenmont Farms R LLP, 2.656 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $26,400.

Piedmont Hospital LLC to Region Ten Community Services Board Inc., 8.976 acres at 500 Old Lynchburg Road, $5,875,700.

Michael G. and Judith B. Ely to Brian E. and Louise F. Davis, 0.563 acres at 4890 Mechum's River Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $395,000.

Thomas A. and Virginia Bowman to Matthew E. and Judith K. Benes, 0.606 acres at 1500 Piper Way, Glenmore, Keswick, $875,000.

MGR Development Corp. to Timothy G. and Deaun W. Sanders, 0.845 acres at 2019 Farringdon Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,286,405.


 Calvert C. Herrmann to Daniel J. Breen, 6113 Belle Drive, Orchard Acres, Crozet, $172,900.

Lois C. McKenzie, trustee, to Brandon and Joann Phillips, 0.207 acres at 1629 Inglewood Drive, Georgetown Lane, $267,000.

M. Diane Nelson to Norman M. Jenkins Jr. and Michael P. Clarke, 7.168 acres at 244 Glass Hollow Road, Miran Forest, $180,000.

Larry D. and Bebe J. Moore to Tanyell Frye-Ford, 4753 Wren Court, Briarwood, $227,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Gerald J. and Denise M. Walsh, 1.38 acres at 2060 Owensville Road, $585,000.

Michael W. and Leslie Mawyer to James and Lisa Muratt, 0.250 acres at 2009 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $415,000.

Dominick and Deborah B. Launi to Kerry K. Shafer and Kristin B. Vlahos Shafer, 0.289 acres at 2043 Tavernor Lane, Forest Lakes, $295,000.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Stephen A. and Deborah A. Letzkus, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 1065 Weybridge Court, $159,500.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Kent J. Graeve, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 915 Dorchester Place, $190,700.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Wayne and Zerline Kersey, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 945 Dorchester Place, $234,500.

Harold L. Burnette to Christine M. Lisle, parcel in Knollwood, $187,600.

Maple Ridge Group LC to Marc Lipson and Ellen Climo, 2.878 acres at 1944 Owensville Road, $315,000.

Thomas M. Galloway to Robert N. Charette, trustee, lot in phase III of the Quarries, $112,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to Charles C. Heilman, 2.170 acres at 4784 Break Heart Road, State Route 874, $218,750.

Feliz O. Reina Rey to Jose R. Osoto, 0.230 acres at 520 Jester Lane, Camelot, $208,000.


 Arnold W. and Elizabeth A. Farlow to Kenneth C. and Jennifer L. Beachley, 2.626 acres at 630 Fairgrove Court, Fairgrove, Earlysville, $415,000.

Robert M. Hauser and Blake Hurt to Gerda M. Koenigsdorf, 0.089 acres at 1312 Wimbledon Way, LeParc, RiverRun, $230,000.

Marshall H. and Mabel W. Smith to Jeffrey S. and Michelle Sprouse, 3.04 acres on State Route 684, 1472 Lanetown Road, Crozet, $175,000.

Deborah L. and Leigh Thacker to Feliz H. Galvez, 0.223 acres at 1500 Old Brook Road, Raintree, $303,000.

John J. McArdle, trustee, to Elizabeth A. and William H. Haubert III, 0.134 acres at 392 Wildwood Court, Wildwood, $234,500.

Fluvanna Land and Development LLC to Evelyn B. Gray, 0.122 acres at 250 Remington Place, Clover Lawn Village, $227,900.

Kelly C. Uptainto Rodney J. VanZyl, 0.385 acres at 5576 Brookwood Road, Brookwood, Crozet, $247,500.

MacMillan Pace LLC to Carol D. and Vernon D. Dawson Jr., 2.572 acres at 3485 Rocks Mill Lane, The Rocks subdivision, $1,239,600.

Hessian Hills LLC to William D. and Joseph W. Cloud, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 132 Hessian Hills Circle, $134,900.

Thomas G. and Charlene G. Demyan to Gail L. White, 2.042 acres on State Route 642, 3192 Red Hill Depot Road, North Garden, $415,000.

Manfred T. Haertig to Christopher D. Nygren, 0.264 acres at 1665 Old Brook Road, Raintree, $300,500.

Mary Gordon Hall to Susmita Solanki, 1026 Cheshire Court, Stonehenge, $179,500.

Big Deal


MGR Development Corp. to Timothy G. and Deaun W. Sanders, 0.845 acres at 2019 Farringdon Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,286,405.