Laura Aller 1990 Volvo sedan

Laura Aller finds her maroon Volvo sedan "very dependable," although she does have to concede, "It's certainly not flashy." Even with 220,000 miles, the car takes her safely to and from Fredericksburg where she's a junior at the University of Mary Washington.

"The best thing about it being so old is that I can do whatever I want with it," she says. Can she do anything with it? "Well, I haven't taken it four-wheeling yet," she admits, "but that's an idea– maybe I should."

Last summer Aller babysat for a family who let her use their 2004 Mercedes CLK convertible, and she says that put ideas in her head.

"My next car's going to be something more befitting my style," she says, "probably an Audi."

Meanwhile it's not too much of a sacrifice to make do with the Volvo. "It does have a sunroof," she concedes, "and this time of year it's great because it cranks the best heat!"

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Laura Aller