Let's hear answers, Dygert

In the November 24 Hook article, "Short tort: One less lawsuit in Greene," George Dygert states that my letter [published in the Greene County Record] accuses his firm of taking money from me and lying to others.

I pose but one question regarding Dygert's firm's acquisition of monies from my escrow account with Crestar. If this disbursal was not improper, why did Crestar settle with me and my attorney for thousands of dollars for release of liability on their part?

The release of these monies was directly related to Dygert's firm's representation of the supposed debt in question. I would like Dygert to explain exactly what it was they told Crestar to induce Crestar to believe either:

A. Their firm was collecting Greene County real estate taxes; or

B. Their assessment came in front of Crestar's deed of trust.

In fact, neither A nor B is true.

Nothing in the aforementioned is meant to cast Crestar in a negative light. They acted quite professionally when the error was pointed out to them.

Grant Colby
Dogwood Valley

George Dygert declined to respond or comment on Colby's questions– editor.