Joseph P. and Rebecca J. Pannazzo to Kevin J. and Danielle L. Kennedy, 0.058 acres at 4770 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $248,000.

Bruce A. and Mary C. Wicks to Michael A. Jimenez and Kristell Wright-Jimenez, 0.363 acres at 780 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $365,000.

Louis and Barbara Harpster to Geoffrey A. and Marcia N. Frampton, 0.239 acres at 4172 Plank Road, North Garden, $91,000.

Ljudmil Kljusev to Billy Ray White Jr., 0.185 acres at 2117 Commonwealth Drive, Westfield, $143,000.

Gail J. Brunk to Robert T. Dunlap, 19.45 acres at 6988 Batesville Road, Afton, $425,000.

Gary C. and Karen S. Bickers to Stanley R. and Karyn S. Lubin, 2.0 acres at 2592 Buck Island Road, State Route 729, $282,900.

Church Hill Development Co. to Yunge Zhao and Aizhen Xiao, 0.311 acres at 1723 Lanetown Way, Grayrock North, Crozet, $303,900.

James and Virginia Hamrick LLC to JBW Investments LLC, 0.463 acres in two units in Gardens Business Park condominiums, $878,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Theodore P. and Michele C. Russo, 0.346 acres at 3428 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $662,900.

Rodney W. and Herbert H. Rudd III to David A. and Erin L. Lemon, 1547 Birnam Drive, Birnamwood, $195,000.

Hessian Hills LLC to William A. MacIlwaine IV, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 160 Hessian Hills Way, $129,900.

Nellie M. Ellinger to Marilyn M. Ellinger, 37.8 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, gift.

Frances W. Overton to Gregory F. and Bette K. Webber, 0.088 acres at 580 Glengarry Circle, Ashland Townhomes at Forest Lakes South, $244,000.

Bonnie M. Taylor to Jared R. and Laura Y. Cluff, 0.101 acres at 342 Westfield Road, Wynridge, $225,000.

James M. Broan Jr. to Krystin and Willis Drake Jr., 0.433 acres at 861 King William Drive, Dunlora, $549,900.

William A. and Louise M. Norko to Michel King, 2.0 acres at 2530 Wyngate Road, Wyngate, $485,000.

Michael R. and Lynne M. Ross, trustees, to Jack C. and Katherine M. Easterly, 2.70 acres at 479 Savannah Court, Brownsville Heights, Crozet, $555,000.

Roger T. and Helen H. Breeden to 516 Brookway LLC, 0.392 acres at 451 Brookway Drive, Willow Heights, $375,000.

A. Robin Gass, trustee, to Constance J. Hallquist, trustee, 0.455 acres in Royal Acres subdivision, $23,000.

Thornbirck Development LLC to Timothy J. and Christy R. Hodge, 0.050 acres at 2444 Bargamin Orchard Lane, Bargamin Park, Crozet, $260,000.

Jamie E. Scott to Jodie Gainer, 1576 Cool Spring Road, Townwood Townhouses, $175,000.

Jennifer D. and George E. Marshall Jr. to Timothy J. and Kim M. Finkler, 0.418 acres at 3403 Cesford Grange, Glenmore, Keswick, $575,000.

JaZan LLC to Andrew C. Link, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 102 Turtle Creek Road, $140,000.

Jeffrey A. and Mindy Prillaman to Robert A. and Abigail L. Cox, 0.207 acres at 228 Barnsdale Road, Camelot, $129,000.


 Patrick C. Northup and Sharon Webb to Sylvia K. Kraemer, 1720 Sourwood Place, Hollymead Townhouses, $291,900.

Amy J. Ellertson to Stan and Kephany D. Powell, 0.213 acres at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $148,500.

Hessian Hills LLC to Susan H. Evans and William E. Nell, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 161 Hessian Hills Way, $139,900.

Wayne G. Perry, trustee, to Bevley F. and Carolyln B. Butler, 6.72 acres at Massey's Woods, $510,000.

John M. and Louise A. Ziegler to Robin W. and Kenneth J. Cherry Jr., 3.156 acres to 1019 Tanglewood Road, Flordon, $645,000.

Kayla G. Stern and James R. Campbell Jr. to Craig R. and Elisa Jacobson, 2.055 acres at 1011 Milton Drive, Milton Heights, $325,000.

Thornbirck Development LLC to John P. and Susan W. Rindge, 0.065 acres at 2446 Bargamin Orchard Lane, Bargamin Park, $285,000.

Maximo H. and Lisa S. Salinas to Kayla S. and James R. Campbell Jr., 0.714 acres at 110 Cambridge Hill Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $695,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Patrick G. Northup and Sharon C. Webb, 0.485 acres at 1817 Natali Lane, Montgomery Ridge subdivision, $579,950.

Bryan and Leah S. Kuehne to James S. and Kristin A. Matteo, 0.327 acres at 1070 Still Meadow Crossing, Still Meadow, $477,500.

Laura A. Soghoian, trustee, to Lan Thuy Cao and Kinh Minh Bui, 0.501 acres at 1327 Pendleton Court, Dunlora, $540,000.

Janet S. Hayden to Martin J. and M. Marcelin McKie, 32.197 acres at 4818 Woodbound Road, Keswick, $795,000.

Julia C. Campbell, trustee, to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., 2.0 acres, $100,000.

Sycamore Creek LLC to John M. and Nancy C. Flentje, parcel in South Fork Farms subdivision, $347,000.

Elizabeth C. and William J. Ryan III to Sean F. and Kristen M. Gallagher, 0.402 acres at

2374 North Chesterfield Court, Chesterfield, $347,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to John D. and Sharon A. Baiocco, 0.325 acres at 2062 Aviano Way, Fontana, $472,499.

Hector M. Cortez and Flo I Alvarado to Flor I. Alvarado, 2625 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, gift.

George A. and Barbara O'Hanlon to P. Douglas and Patricia Jensen, 3336 Arbor Terrace, Arbor Trace, Forest Lakes Townhouses, $260,000.

Ginny B. DeVries to Connie C. Friend, 0.098 acres at 72 Court Place, Georgetown Court, $171,500.

Mary S. Mills to Whitney N. Godfrey, 0.660 acres at 1554 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, $117,000.

Robert Chalfin and Bonnie Richman to Darcey M. Ohlin, 712 Exton Court, RiverRun, $184,900.

Robert W. and Susanne S. Sigman, trustees, to Wei Wang and Xiaowei Lu, 0.434 acres at 3464 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $829,500.

Paul and Julia B. Begin to Carla Y. Pugh, 1560 Garden Court, Gardencourt Townhouses, $187,460.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Etta L. Carter, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 810 Beverley Drive, $267,250.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Linda Elsey, unit in Claremont at Carriage Hill, 830 Beverley Drive, $224,750.

Jan B. Healy to John W. and Mary Patricia Hulburt, 2.044 acres near Foxfield, $150,000.

David P. and Kathy G. Best to Wayne M. and Nanette J. Derkac, 70 acres at 1570 St. John Road, Highground Farm, Keswick, $2,800,000.

Ian G. and Karen F. Corey to Elizabeth A. Spivey, 445 Twin Bridge Lane, Gateway Village, Forest Lakes Townhouses, $230,000.

Michael K. and Beth L. Cheuk to Brian D. Poploskie, 1456 Monterey Drive, Four Seasons, $224,200.

Stephen W. and Kristine C. Canter to Jeffrey A. and Mindy S. Prillaman, 0.323 acres at 1830 Steeplechase Run, Forest Lakes, $339,900.

Joseph Aust IV, trustee, to Wendy Cohn, 3.809 acres at 4726 Dick Woods Road, $375,000.

Larry E. Thomas to Nathan J. and Melanie D. Williams, 2.56 acres at 3943 President's Road, $163,000.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Beights Realty Investment Co., 0.234 acres at Ballard Field, Old Trail, $76,500.

Vernon S. Hodge to Betty L. Greene, trustee, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $128,125.

Big Deal


 David P. and Kathy G. Best to Wayne M. and Nanette J. Derkac, 70 acres at 1570 St. John Road, Highground Farm, Keswick, $2,800,000.