Amanda Montgomery- 2004 BMW 325i

Amanda Montgomery's favorite features on her 2004 BMW aren't its anti-lock brakes or its front airbag supplemental restraint system. What Montgomery likes best about her ride is the fact that "the stereo controls are actually on the steering wheel!"

That's not to say she doesn't value the BMW's many other bennies. How can't she, considering her family's vehicular background?

"It's my dad's favorite car," Montgomery says. "He's owned about seven or eight in his life, and now my sister and I both have one."

Her family members aren't the only ones who appreciate the car.

"My guy friends always want to drive it, to see how fast it can go," Montgomery says. "It's really an amazingly smooth ride."

So smooth, in fact, that she's driven it all over the U.S.

"I've taken it to Colorado before, and it's made the trek from Oklahoma to Charlottesville several times," she says. "It's expensive because it takes premium gas, but my baby's worth it."

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Amanda Montgomery