Writer ignored facts

In response to Judy Coughlin McDavid's letter [November 10: "Peace requires responsibility"] regarding the October 27 story, "Slap happy: Lawsuits bloom in Dogwood Valley," despite the fact that the Virginia Supreme Court handed down its decision on the matters of liens, special assessments, and property confiscation by the Dogwood Valley Citizens Association, this board continues to flout the law. Perhaps McDavid should read the documents herself instead of relying on the opinion of Gary Lowe and Matt Brown.

What McDavid chooses to overlook is that there were no "legal" fees left unpaid. The lots stolen from the rightful owners were taken for non-legal fees charged by the Association board, some amounting to as little as $35.

Yes, lawsuits have been brought against the Association, but what she doesn't mention is that at least 33 legal actions have been brought against members by the board, 99.9 percent of them without merit, and all of the board's actions supported by the "donated" funds.

All McDavid has to do is go to the courthouse and look them up. I'm not an educated man and never finished school, so it's perplexing to me when someone who claims a position of power cannot read and understand the simplest documents.

McDavid is correct that peace requires responsibility. It requires responsibility on the part of everyone– including the board of Dogwood Valley Citizens Association. And it's interesting that she forgot to mention in her letter that she's on that board.

Stephen M. Miller