Rhoda Hernandez- 2001 Toyota 4runner

When Rhoda Hernandez first spotted her Toyota 4runner a month ago at a dealership in Richmond, "It was love at first sight," she sighs.

"I knew it was the car for me when I saw it," says 22-year-old Hernandez, an instructor at the Virginia Institute of Autism. "It's just right."

As a true outdoorswoman, Hernandez loves the 4runner's sunroof and 4-wheel drive.

"I'm so ready to take on the woods," she says. "I'm going to stretch her legs a little bit when I drive out to Lake Anna in a couple of weeks, and I'm excited to use it for skiing this winter."

Granted, the car's low gas mileage means that "it can be painful at the pump," Hernandez says, "but I love hearing that engine roar."

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Rhoda Hernandez