Phi Kap imploded

As a former UVA student who was both good friends with many brothers in Phi Kap and a member of the IFC during the fraternity's first re-colonization attempt, I found your article both misleading and one-sided [October 20: "Greek epic: UVA legend 'Phi Kap' folds"].

I cannot comment on the second attempt at re-colonization in 2004, but Tyler Whitley and Will Allen should not blame some University-wide conspiracy to end Phi Kap's existence.

During my time on the IFC, most of the members, including me, supported the Phi Kap re-colonization. From the start, we carefully explained the procedures to become a local fraternity, none of which exceeded the measures followed by every other fraternity on Grounds.

Even after a third chance to produce the required information, the leadership returned with false statements about completed activities and incomplete insurance documents. However, we did not make the decision ourselves. We allowed the President's Council to decide Phi Kap's fate, using only the documents submitted by the Phi Kap leadership and a speech on behalf of re-colonization. At this point, the presidents voted their consciences, not some "formality" or "predetermined" result.

Rather than point fingers at the President's Council or the University, maybe Phi Kap and its alumni should be wondering about what happened internally.

The steps to become a legitimate fraternity were clearly explained and were no different than for any other house. When I talked with brothers in Phi Kap after the vote, informing them of the documents presented to us and the requirements they had to fulfill, they told me no one had ever communicated these issues to them. Also, if the alumni were "members of the board of visitors" and "prominent alumni," where were these men to help save their ailing fraternity?

I will not disagree that there is an anti-fraternity bias among some administrators. On the other hand, the IFC and the average fraternity man supported Phi Kap, and I personally regret that the house is no longer our neighbor on Madison Lane.

Scott Cohen
IFC Spokesman 2003-04