Don't attack marchers

In response to the essay [October 6: "Brass tax: Reasons to bring back Pep Band"], a couple of disclosures.

First, like the author who admits a bias because of her former membership in the Pep Band, I'm somewhat biased because I have a son in the Marching Band. However, I also liked the Pep Band, and think they deserve a place at the University.

That said, to make the new Marching Band the poster children for corporate greed is unfair, to say the least. Where on their uniforms do you see the name of a donor or corporate sponsor?

Inviting PVCC students to join the band was a deliberate attempt by director Bill Pease and UVA to reach out to the community and give students at a band-less school who might want to play in a band a chance to do so.

Although the author states vaguely that there are "lots" of Piedmont students in the band, there are, in fact, 13.

"Who's it all about?" It's about both the university and the community at large. Does the author also think we should we limit attendance at the game to students and alumni only?

Furthermore, I can find no definition for the word "scab" that makes sense in the context of this essay. This appears simply mean-spirited.

Clearly, a couple of hundred students enjoy being in the Marching Band, and tens of thousands of football fans who cheer the Band when they come out on the field must appreciate them as well.

I agree that the University overreacted in its treatment of the Pep Band. Hopefully there's a way for both bands to contribute to in a meaningful way. But to demean and disrespect the Marching Band members and staff by trying to make them symbols of all that's wrong with big-time sports and influence peddling is going way too far.

Gary Funston