Hessian Hills LLC to Christina N. Westerlund, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 111 Hessian Hills Ridge, $129,900.

Hessian Hills LLC to Mark R. Frazier, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 2420 Barracks Place, $106,300.

Hessian Hills LLC to Katie M. Powers, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 111 Hessian Hills Ridge, $106,300.

Charles A. and Frances S. Beasley to Peter A. and Evelyn S. Gay, trustees, 0.184 acres at 3381 Piperfife Court, Glenmore, Keswick, $466,000.

Norman M. Jenkins Jr. to Michael M. Johnson, trustee, 4147 Mill Creek Road, Chatham Wood, RiverRun, $289,900.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Lubdha Shah, 0.086 acres at 976 Glenwood Station Lane, Glenwood Station, $379,900.

John H. Layne to J.D. Catlett, 159.31 acres at 646 Irish Road, $1,195,000.

250 West Holdings LLC to Selinger Homes Inc., parcel in Foxchase, $189,000.

Sheila Bryan to Kristin C. and Benjamin T. Horne IV, 3.016 acres at 4742 Carter's Mountain Road, Carter's Bridge, $425,000.

Gregory D. and Alison P. Frederick to Warren M. and Virginia M. Stallings, 0.115 acres at 2060 Weatherwood Drive, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $314,000.

Hauser Homes Inc. to Edith and Bryan Vig, 0.356 acres at 2086 Aviano Way, Fontana, $399,950.

Peter P. Buckley and Lorian F. Peralta-Ram to Courage Properties LLC, 2.36 acres in Keswick, $440,000.

R.L. Beyer Construction Inc. to Mark G. and Marla K. Whittenburg, 0.918 acre at 243 Locust Shade Lane, Ashcroft, $601,469.

Jack Wayne Higginbotham Jr. to Talia R. and Krein S. Lanyi, 0.109 acres at 1333 Creekside Drive, Village Homes of Mill Creek, $214,500.

Adam D. and Jeannette G. Saphier to Craig and Pamela Wiese, 0.209 acres at 113 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $315,000.

Ellen L. Henderson to Ryan J. McDermott and Darrah M. Whitt, 1373 Orchard Drive, Orchard Acres, Crozet, $174,000.

MD Development LLC to Cooley Properties LLC, unit in East Rio Professional Park, $734,755.

MD Development to C&P LLC, unit in East Rio Professional Park, $933,982.

Iain C. and Colleen Gainov to Ryal Thomas, 0.217 acres at 1274 FoxCrest Way, Foxcroft, $285,000.

Carol F. Rasmussen to Randolph L. Kohr, trustee, 0.505 acres at 3208 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,100,000.

Huckleberry Hill Farm LLC to Jennifer and Clayton B. Bowman Jr., 5.45 acres in White Hall Magisterial District, $180,000.

Ronald L. Marcus to The Rocks LLC, 2.933 acres on Taylor's Gap Road, $200,000.

Christine U. and Elmer Haynes Earnhardt Jr. to Richard A. Concepcion, 0.373 acres at 88 Mill Creek Court, Mill Creek North, $248,000.

Dong Zhao to Jeremy A. Daniel and Joan Yuan, 11 Spring Court, Four Seasons, $129,000.

Sherry Waybright to Michael Napier, 1.291 acres, gift.

Brian J. Flamm and Christina B. Anderson to Samuel Swope, 0.293 acres at 1320 Pin Oak Court, Oak Forest, $239,500.

Rita Hasenfus to Shirley S. and Douglas Gordon, trustees, 118 Blueberry Road, Cedar Hills, $400,000.

Parkside I LLC to Sugaray LLC, parcel in Glenwood Station, $838,500.

W. Dabney and Nancy F. Via to Matthew J. and Elizabeth Y. Curran, 0.532 acres at 5905 Weston Lane, Weston, Crozet, $342,500.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to David B. and Brandi T. Nicholson, 0.507 acres at 1402 Singleton Lane, Mosby Mountain, $330,650.

Robert J. and Carolyn D. Hockensmith to Arthur W. and Ruth L. Johansen, unit in Brookmill condominiums, 1130 Mill Park Drive, $213,600.

David A. Yoder to Marsha L. Goodell, 0.092 acres at 1078 Towne Lane, Village Square, $197,000.

Xinghua Zang to Leslie K. and Marla A. Puckett, 0.098 acres at 2231 Hummingbird Lane, Briarwood, $225,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Daniel P. and Melanie C. Price, 0.220 acres at 3050 Morewood Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $320,745.

Mark D. and Jaleh G. Welton to Monica and Allan Maughlin, 505 Berwick Court, Westmoreland, $277,500.

Thornbirck Development LLC to Maynard B. and Alicia A. Orbeta, 0.049 acres at 2444 Bargamin Orchard Lane, Bargamin Park, Crozet, $248,566.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Stuart L. and Jane W. Wood, 2.214 acres at 5010 Meadowlark Court, Foxwood Forest, Barboursville, $614,950.

Thornbirck Development LLC to Walter D. and Nancy F. Via, 0.066 acres at 2426 Bargamin Orchard Lane, Bargamin Park, Crozet, $285,000.

JaZan LLC to Kathleen F. Grant, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 136 Green Turtle Lane, $108,500.

Thornbirck Development LLC to William T. and Karen E. Grant, 0.060 acres at 2420 Bargamin Park Lane, Bargamin Park, Keswick, $256,000.

Mark D. Mayry LC to Glenn Miller, 0.044 acres at1349 Wimbledon Way, LePark, RiverRun, $260,000.

Jeanette M. and Robert F. Babyok Jr. to Andrew R. Post and Phuong-Ann T. Duong, 0.311 acres at 621 Nettle Court, Redfields, $409,000.

Ellen K. Stacy to Thomas R. Schlesinger and Charlotte E. Bird, 1.993 acres at Hawkline Manor, 10937 Howardsville Lane, Howardsville, $345,000

M. Gabrielle Hall to Benjamin H. and Elizabeth G. Holland, 0.215 acres at 1295 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $325,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to H. Richard and Carole G. Crandall, trustees, 0.262 acres at 160 Deerwood Road, Deerwood, $306,750.

David G. and Inson Y. Williams to David S. and Sara P. Hawkins, 0.240 acres at 2966 Magnolia Road, Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes South, $280,000.

Sherry A. Lambert to Mary Lou Robson, 0.315 acres at 205 Turkey Ridge Road, Peacock Hill, $247,000.


 Alan V. and Julie K. Padgett to Marvelle L. Daniels and Marsha A. Pohl, 0.310 acres at 3033 Copper Knoll Road, Forest Lakes, $309,900.

Jeffrey D. and Susan M. Lanterman to David S. and Debra E. Ross, 504 Berwick Court, Westmoreland, $392,500.

Bear Granville Group LLC to Charles C. and Cynthia D. Friend, 95 Georgetown Green, $195,000.

Earl H. Burton, trustee, to Church Hill Development Co., parcel in Deerwood, $85,000.

Elizabeth A. Turner to Phoebe T. Geer, 1366 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Hill Townhouses, $215,000.

James T. Marshall to Murcielago LLC, 3.549 acres on State Route 795, $305,000.

Charlotte Hall to Jonathan and Kristie Sjordal, 2.0 acres at 1075 Silver Lace Lane, $105,000.

Jerry M. and Mary R. Rainey to Singleton Lane LLC, 2016 Brownstone Lane, Mosby Mountain, gift.

Legend Development Co. to Matthew A. and Colleen T. Shearer, 0.134 acres at 1702 Clay Drive, Wayland's Grant, $267,900.

Southern Property LLC to Liberty Homes Inc., three lots in Oak Hill, $310,500.

Sheriff and Michele Elmallah to Jason P. Lynch, 0.249 acres at 1701 Banyan Court, Forest Lakes South, $265,950.

Charles A. and Amy G. Fox to James and Sheri Kent, 0.381 acres at 944 King William Drive, Dunlora, $574,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to James F. Chapman III, 1.422 acres in Glenmore, $375,000.

Phyllis Stegar, executor, to Joshua A. Cummings, 1.0 acre at 3079 Boatwright Lane, Esmont, $140,000.


Big Deal


Carol F. Rasmussen to Randolph L. Kohr, trustee, 0.505 acres at 3208 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $1,100,000.