Justin Earley- Chevy S10

Justin Earley's Chevrolet S10 may technically belong to his parents, "but really," he insists, "it's a community vehicle."

"I can fit about 20 first-years in the bed," says the UVA fourth-year. "And I help people haul all kinds of stuff in it."

"All kinds of stuff" include posters for his father's 2001 campaign for Virginia governor and, more recently, debris from Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this month, Earley and his friends drove "The White Steed" 1,300 miles to Mississippi and back to haul wreckage out of the homes of hurricane victims.

"Yeah, it was a lot of miles," Early says, "but it was also an awesome road trip, and all for a good cause."

Earley and his S10

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