Correction: Group wrote letter

We greatly appreciate your coverage of the architecture debate at UVA. Unfortunately there was a critical inaccuracy in the October 13 story, "Jumpin' JPA: New Lawn architects signed."

Contrary to the story, the "Open Letter" was not authored by a single person, but was truly a collaborative effort. The questions and ideas expressed in the letter were discussed, debated, and ultimately "penned" by a diverse group of UVA faculty from the departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural History and Planning.

While the press has focused primarily on the so-called "battle of styles" controversy, it is worth noting that the letter has prompted a wider, more productive dialogue among architects and interested parties both locally and around the country.

Although there has been disagreement, common ground has been found in larger environmental and social concerns such as the fundamental importance of integrating sustainable building practices into all new projects at UVA, and the value of constructing pedestrian-friendly environments that are unapologetically dense, vibrant, and intermeshed with the surrounding fabric of Charlottesville.

The open letter and ensuing exchange of opinions from all viewpoints are being published here:

Jason Johnson
Assistant Professor, Architecture

The Hook regrets the error– editor.