Concert pix


The Stones shattered many expectations


Mick and Keith start it up (8:55pm)


230 VIPs and lottery winners perched over the band


Michael Philip Jagger was born July 26, 1943.


Keith got his dream: to play in the rain


The bomb threat quashed two Keith-sung songs


Jagger never stopped moving during the two-hour event


The stage has the span of a 747 airliner


Jagger bared that midriff after the bomb scare


The fans went wild


2,000 tons (or are they tonnes?) of lights


Can your grandfather draw 55,000 screaming fans?


Ronnie "Rembrandt" Wood (right) paints for fun and profit


Dancin' over the field that will soon host FSU football


The Rolling Stones really played Charlottesville...