Anastasia Benson- Mazda Protégé

At first glance, Anastasia Benson's 2001 Mazda Protégé doesn't stand out in the crowd. Not even to her.

"A lot of people have a car like mine," says Benson, a UVA fourth-year, "so I lose it in parking lots a lot, and I've been close to putting my key in the wrong car's door before.

"Once when someone was inside," she adds.

Yet Benson argues that the plethora of silver Protégés is proof of the car's superior quality.

"It's easy to maneuver, and it's a great size," she says. "It's the perfect car for me."

Maybe one day the owners of the car will come to the same realization.

"Yeah, actually, my parents own my car," she admits. "So ultimately, they can revoke it whenever they want."

Until then, Benson's keeping the driver's seat warm.


Benson by her Protégé

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