Stoned: The setlist

Start: 8:48pm

1. Start Me Up - "Welcome, Charlottesville," Mick yelled out after this standard but classic concert opener. He then ticked off a list of places concert-goers had come from: Richmond, Virginia Beach, Midlothian. Midlothian?!

2. It's Only Rock 'n Roll

3. Shattered - "That was fantastic," Mick said of the lit-up stadium during the third number. "I saw everyone in the audience." In a gentle dig at Virginia Tech, he added, "They asked us to play in Lane [Stadium], but we thought it would be cooler here."

4. Tumbling Dice

5. Rough Justice - Although it has struggled for radio airplay, this single from the new album made the Charlottesville crowd go wild. The jumbotron going stark B&W may have helped.

6. Ruby Tuesday - Mick donned a burgundy jacket for this one.

7. Sweet Virginia - "We don't get to do this one very often," Mick said before the opening chords of this number. When the chorus came around, the crowd– suddenly realizing that this was not Anytown's show– screamed out. They got another chance to scream when Mick implored, "Now you all sing," and they dutifully sang the chorus. "Something sweet for a sultry night in the South," he noted.

8. All Down the Line - As with Sweet Virginia, this comes from the classic 1972 album, Exile on Main Street.

 9. Night Time is the Right Time - The only cover of the evening, this one was penned by the late Ray Charles. Lisa Fisher, singing backup for much of the show, turned this into a duet.


Then Mick introduced the backup singers and players. He reached "Ronnie Rembrandt Wood," who had just settled in at a keyboard when Mick apparently got a message. Accounts differ on his exact words, but his 9:40 statement went something like this: "We've been informed we have a technical problem and have to take a 10-minute break. The local authorities say we have to take an intermission. Sorry, it's not our fault." Rembrandt held up his hands and shrugged.

The bomb-sniffing dogs came out within a minute or two, 20-30 front rows of the floor and lower decks were cleared. Despite an announcer's claim around 10:15 that the show would resume in "ten minutes," it didn't happen until 10:39pm– after about 59 minutes of down time. Mick returned and repeatedly thanked the crowd for its patience. "The police," he explained, "said we had to do it, so off we go."


10. Miss You - Partway through this song, the mobile stage began trekking toward the endzone.

11. Oh No, Not You Again - Another from the new album.

12. Get Off My Cloud

13. Honky Tonk Women - The moving stage began moving back (toward a giant inflatable tongue on the main stage).

14. Sympathy for the Devil Red stage, red video, flames. And raindrops.

15. Midnight Rambler

16. Paint it Black

17. Brown Sugar

18. Jumping Jack Flash - More pyrotechnics and higher volume bring the main show to a close.


19. You Can't Always Get What You Want - True Stones fans made the stadium sparkle as they held up lighters, begging for an encore. As the band took the stage again, fans joined in the chorus as Mick, in his last of countless costume changes, led the classic.

20. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The second encore performance

End: 11:48pm - After multiple bows (and many enthusiastic high fives from Rembrandt), the band exits their latest-running (but still full-length) show of the tour. Fireworks explode, and the house lights begin to rise.

Mick Jagger