How was it? Tiny reviews from the floor and tailgates

"Except for getting stuck with this bomb scare," says Jake Sullivan of McLean, "this guy rocked and rolled. I'd seen it inside at the MCI, but this was better."


Morgan Woodyard, 18: "These guys are more amazing than any band I've seen, and they're over 60 years old."


"It was a lot of fun," says Bob Benoit of Charlottesville. "It's great that they can still rock and roll so well."


Jessica Vermaat, 19: "I live in New Jersey, and my parents are going in Philadelphia next week– it's awesome to see our generations mix."


Mariella Vasquez, 18: "A thrilling and breathtaking performance."


"It rocked my socks," says Alec Benoit of Westchester, New York. "But Trey should've rocked out with the Stones."


Erin Conroy, 18: "It was such a great performance because their passion never dies. It was an opportunity to see a band that my parents love."


"The show was full of energy for an old guy like Mick and me," says Doug Portwood of Englewood, Colorado. "I'm going away fully pumped out."


"It was out of this world," says Joanna Doualis of Laguna, California. "Mike Jagger still has the greatest strut in the world."


Chris Stewart, 28: "Fabulous. It was awesome."


"What better concert than the Stones, and it's in our own back yard," says Wes Breeden of Charlottesville. "Mick and the boys still got it."


Tom Murphy, 48: "They bombed. Haha!"


Dana Bacon, 36: "Mick Jagger is always breathtaking. He's got the chest of an 18-year-old. He makes young girls go 'aah!'"


"To hear all these classic songs by the guys who wrote them 40 years ago is an experience not to be missed," says Brad Sauer of Richmond. "Mick's voice is not as good, but his legs still are."


Steve Halsen, 46: "I've seen them 20 times, and it was the first time I've seen a bomb slow things down. In Charlottesville, of all places!"


"No matter how old the Stones get," says Diane Sullivan of McLean, "they sill are fabulous. They've still got it after all these years."


"The world's most professional rock 'n' roll band," says Joe Stallings of Mechanicsville. "They can still rock after all these years."


Cathy Hudson, 44: drove up from Mobile, Alabama for her 9th stones show– "It was well worth the drive. t's the only time I've seen, 'You Can't Always Get What You Want.'" Buck Hudson, 47: "Mick's heart made 'Midnight Rambler' the best I've seen."


"Keith Richards never missed a beat," says Tim Woolard of Forest. "It's good to see these guys get up and rock and roll as old as they are."


Alex Funk, 11: "My first concert, and I even got Keith's pick!"