Different worlds: How do you define 'chemistry'?

Matchmaker won't deny it; she's always had a soft spot for romantics. So when a 25-year-old someone we'll call Jeffrey emailed her in search of a companion "ready for a committed relationship," she wasted no time in finding him a date.

Erin, a self-described lover of poetry and music, seemed like the perfect match. This 22-year-old college grad was on the lookout for someone "a little nerdy" (no offense, Jeff) and was confident that she could handle almost any date, boasting of her "ability to get anyone to talk."

The only thing these two potential lovebirds needed was a meeting place, and Matchmaker found them just the spot...


The date

 Erin and Jeffrey dined under the stars on the balcony of Michael's Bistro on the Corner.


Did you do anything out of the ordinary before the date, to plan for it?

 Erin: I used extra hair conditioner in the shower.

Jeffrey: I got opinions from friends the night before on what to wear.

Were you first or second to arrive?

 Erin: Second. I was late by about 12 minutes. I'm not exactly known for my punctuality. I was actually sort of afraid he would think I was standing him up.

Jeffrey: Just my luck, I got off work about an hour before the date was to begin, so I was rushing, but still got there first– about 15 minutes early.

What did you do while waiting?

 Jeffrey: I chatted with the hostess to calm down, then sat at the bar to watch a little TV. I purposely did not look at the menu while waiting, so it would not seem I was overly prepared.

Were you nervous?

 Erin: I'm really talkative, so I knew that as long as the conversation continued, I would be fine.

Jeffrey: Yes, I was a bit nervous– more than I should have been.

When did you calm down?

 Erin: As soon as I saw him and knew he hadn't thought I stood him up!

Jeffrey: Within a few minutes of meeting her.

First impression:

 Erin: He had a really big smile on his face when I rolled up, so I knew we would probably get along. Apparently, he opened the door for me and let me order first, but these are things I didn't really notice until he pointed them out to me later in the date!

Jeffrey: Erin was very cute and seemed very sweet and confident.

Would you say this person was your type?

 Erin: I don't really have a physical type, but I think my ideal type of person would love hummus as much as I do. Sadly, he doesn't even like it.

Jeffrey: I've never dated anyone like her before, but I really don't have a type.

How did you like their style?

 Erin: I probably only own like five outfits, and so style of clothes does not really matter for me as long as the person seems comfortable. He seemed really comfortable, so that would be an A+ in style!

Jeffrey: I did like her style. It was different from what I'm used to. However, nothing was wrong with it because style is what makes us all unique.

Describe what your date was wearing.

 Erin: A button-down shirt, jeans, and boots.

Jeffrey: Erin was wearing a long crinkly skirt with a short-sleeve top. She had a purse crossed around her chest.


Michael's Bistro

 Did you order drinks?

 Erin: Oh, hell yeah! Michael's has awesome beer, and beer is one of my favorite things. I had Brooklyn Browns, and he had a cider.

What did you have to eat?

 Erin: For an appetizer, we had the brie plate with honey and fruit. It was amazing, almost like eating dessert before dinner. He had never had brie before, so I'm glad he got to try it. For the main course, I had the curry, and for dessert, the raspberry chocolate mousse. Delicious!

Jeffrey: I ordered the Teriyaki chicken and vanilla ice cream with caramel for dessert. The food was fantastic. The portion size was great, and it was brought out to us very fast.

Did you share meals?

Erin: Unfortunately, no! I am really into communal eating, too! Alas, it takes some people a bit more than 10 minutes to let someone else eat from their plate.

How was the service in the restaurant?

Erin: Excellent. I knew the server, so it made the date even more fun.

Jeffrey: The service could not have been better. They handled things perfectly for a blind-date setting. I wondered if they were checking in on us to see how things were going.

What did you talk about?

Erin: Conversation went really well. Although he kept saying how shy he was, he didn't seem that way at all. In the beginning, we were talking so much that we had to take a timeout to look at the menu and order some drinks and our appetizer.

Jeffrey: We discussed the Blind Date Challenge, background information, work, family, friends, and goals. About halfway through, we talked about what to do after dinner.

What did you find out that was interesting about this person?

Erin: He's been interning/working for television stations since he was 12. What a mover and shaker.

Jeffrey: Her family background. She's firm in what she believes in, even though it differs sometimes from what her parents believe it. It's something to be divided on an issue with someone you love.

Was there anything you really disliked?

Erin: He told me how polite he was at one point.

Jeffrey: Some things I did not agree with, but nothing to elaborate on.

Hmm, a polite guy who opens doors... We feel your pain, Erin. –MM

Did you have a lot in common?

Erin: Not really. He works in television, and I don't really watch television.

Jeffrey: We both come from a family of five siblings. Both of us grew up in big cities. We realized we even lived in two neighboring cities at one point in our lives.

Was there "chemistry" between you?

Erin: There was really no electricity between us.

Jeffrey: I'd say there was some chemistry. We both laughed a lot and gave high-fives.

Are these two even on the same date anymore?–MM

How were your date's table manners?

Erin: His were fine.

Jeffrey: Erin's manners were good.

Did anything particularly interesting happen?

Erin: I mistook a piece of chicken for bread and ate it with my hands, but really that was more liberating than embarrassing.

Jeffrey: As we were leaving she knocked over her drink on the table which was on the outside balcony. We were laughing because we were both like, "Oh, that's the answer to the question in the Hook!"

How did dinner end?

Jeffrey: I paid the tab, and we both split the tip.

Erin: We went to Orbit to play pool.

A hug? A kiss?

Erin: We walked back towards Michael's to get to our cars and decided it was time to split. I shook his hand, and he gave me a hug, and we exchanged information.

Did you have fun?

Erin: The beginning was really fun, but by the end I was a bit disappointed that we weren't really in sync with each other. However, we were able to laugh and meet someone new. So I would definitely say I had fun.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Would you see this person again?

Erin: Sure. I think we could be cool friends. He did invite me to Kings Dominion.

Jeffrey: I never know after only one date, so I would probably see her again.


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the date?

Erin: 6

Jeffrey: 8