Lawrence H. Crawford to Nina S. and Lawrence H. Crawford Jr., 2.0 acres at 3715 Pritchett Lane, State Route 785, gift.

Arthur G. and Roberta V. Williams to Shelly Carlson, 2.009 acres at 3994 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $239,900.

Karen Courtney, trustee, to Margaret N. and Eugene M. Childs Jr., 114 Chestnut Ridge Road, Key West, $364,000.

Nannie H. Washington to Patricia Washington Ayers and Nannie H. Washington, 6.171 acres at 3555 Lewiston Ford Lane, Esmont, gift.

Katheryn A. and Tara Lynn Conte to Jeffrey S. and Hagan M. Kappler, 0.104 acres at 1117 SomerChase Court, Hollymead townhouses, $259,000.

Irvin D. Talbott to Hunter C. and Betty B. Lang, 120 Lupine Lane, Deerwood subdivision, $210,000.

Alexis A. Sherard to Tammy Thompson Cooper, 0.216 acres at 848 Harris Road, Willoughby, $250,000.

Eric C. and Deidra Jane Massie to Michael A. Meuse and Megan C. Jenkins, 0.215 acres at 1077 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechum's River, $194,900.

Charles L. and Elfie S. Tatum to Kenneth and Mary Anne Sutton, 928 Huntwood Lane, Huntwood townhouses, $193,000.

Bennington Holdings LLC to Michele Jordan, trustee, parcel in Canterbury Hills, $263,600.

PJP Building Three LC to Crampton Family LLC, unit 100 in PJP condominiums, Peter Jefferson Parkway, Pantops Mountain, $580,606.

Robert R. and Christine T. Katcham to Alan C. and Susan Kay Siebels, 0.226 acres at 3133 Ridgefield Road, Forest Lakes, $257,000.


Alan A. and Barbara C. Brimelow to David C. and Carolyn J. Lewis, 0.300 acres at 470 Fontana Drive, Fontana, $394,900.

Michael L. Lloyd and Allison Ray Brewer to Michael L. Lloyd, 2.022 acres at 1068 Old Lynchburg Road, Whittington, $5,800.

Steven S. Trostle and Cheryl A. Graybush to Kodi Ravichandran and Ulrike Lorenz, 1.379 acre at 4275 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, $665,000.

Bernardette E. and Clarence S. Hearns Jr. to Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, 0.248 acres at 5002 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, $312,200.

Eleanore F. Walker, trustee, to William R. and Jennifer A. Forster, 0.248 acres at 5002 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $415,000.

Forbes R. Reback, trustee, to Peter E. Rosden, trustee, 16.513 acres at Buck Mountain Creek, gift.

Kevin S. Wei and Sharon Chan-Wie to James and Joanne Wise, 0.872 acres at 1315 Barclay Hill, Dunlora, $540,000.

Michael W. Worley to Apex LLC, 14.95 acres in three parcels at Proffit, $150,000.

Jeffrey J. Laurent and Laura A. Ha to Claudette F. Midgley and Elyse M. Thierry, 1.906 acres at 41 Chewacla Court, Earlysville Forest, $290,000.

Pattie G. Lohr to Carroll D. Arrington, 2.22 acres at 1836 Fiddlestick Lane, $145,000.

Wendall L. Winn Jr., trustee, to Marta M. Estes, 3.81 acres at 3660 Glenaire Drive, Glenaire, gift.

P. Douglas and Patricia B. Jensen to William T., Kenneth U., and Geoffrey S. Hubona and Janet M. H. Heine, 17.43 acres on State Route 20, 2293 Scottsville Road, $500,000.

Ronald H. Swinnerton and Voni L. Moholland to Reginald A. and Kathleen M. Webb, 0.215 acres at 993 Clearfields Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $363,500.

John F. and Motana K. Gaffney to Rene T. Herrera and Mitzie B. Holden-Herrera, 0.296 acres at 3130 Mollifield Lane, Ridgefield, Forest Lakes, $245,000.

Heather M. and William G. Thomas III to Joseph M. and Deanna C. Nolan, 41.208 acres at 4223 Burnley Station Road, Edgewood Farm, Barboursville, $760,000.

Lionel G. and Claire M. Metz to Gillispie & Associates LLC, 0.780 acre at 276 Turkey Ridge Road, Peacock Hill, $127,500.

Forbes R. Reback, trustee, to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 90.466 acres west of Free Union, gift.

Liberty Homes Inc. to Sylvester B. and Rosa L. Jordan, 3.009 acres at 4928 Blenheim Road, $168,243.

Castle Hill Properties LLC to Route 231 LLC, parcel at Keswick, $24,000,000.

Ross James and Mariana Licero to William C. Scott IV, trustee, 3.059 acre at 2385 Cinnamon Ridge Road, Harmony, $665,000.

Sara W. Arneson and June L. Triplett to Virginia S. Payne, 0.159 acres at 1045 Bristlecone Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes South, $265,900.

Hessian Hills LLC to Helen S. Berbert, unit in Hessian Hills condominiums, 136 Hessian Hills Circle, $134,900.

Mark A. and Terri L. Petty to Amanda M. Gee-Taylor, 0.172 acres at 1228 Clove Ridge Place, Highlands at Mechum's River, $219,900.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Gaffney MM LLC, block of future lots 10 through 17 at Old Trail, $571,200.

Virginia R. Dofflemyer to Liam J. and Tracy S. Montgomery, 953 Huntwood Lane, Huntwood Townhouses, $224,900.

Paul A. Sherman to Brett D. Krasner and Lisa T. Laurence, 0.976 acres at 1960 Cobblestone Lane, Candlewyck, $406,000.

MD Development LLC to TKM LLC, unit in Building A, Rio East Properties, $567,967.


Arthur T. and Ethel S. Shifflett to Christopher C. and Brenda S. Miller, 3.242 acres at 2475 Boonesville Road, Dyke, gift.

Hightop LP to Bundedge LLC, 1,278 acres near North Garden, Gift.

Heather Field LLC to Karl F. and Chinako Bohn, 1.536 acres at 1540 Heather Field Lane, Walnut Hills, Earlysville, gift.

Joseph H. and Marie-Claude Intall to RSS Properties LLC, 0.185 acres at 1013 Hayrake Lane, Redfields, $245,000.

VanderLinde Housing Inc. to Todd Alexander, 0.449 acres at 1941 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $429,900.

E. Fenton Williams to Steven L. and Codie C. Peters, 2.748 acres at 1814 Milton Road, Auburn Hills, $365,000.

Jerome C. Thalwitz and Christine O'Neal to Kirsten L. Ryan and Daniel W. Steeper, 1.369 acres at 500 Arrowhead Drive, Rivanna, $379,500.

Jian-Zhong Zhang and Xiao-Hong Jin to Jonathan Lane Thomas and Natalie Johnson, 0.196 acres at 1067 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $224,500.

Brian C. and Michelle L. Dunbar to Osman, Omar, and Saman Parvaiz, 0.167 acres at 276 Autumn Grove Court, Village Homes III of Mill Creek, $224,500.

Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Michael J. Brann and Elizabeth M. McGovern, 0.250 acres at 1805 Lanetown Way, Grayrock North, Crozet, $399,900.

David L. Nace to Keswick Corporation, 2.18 acres in Glenmore, Keswick, $575,000.

Kevin R. and Cynthia F. Madigan to Alice Reno and James L. Malone III, 2.730 acres at 2734 Owensfield Court, Owensfield, $840,000.

Kenneth and Bobbi J. Davis to Sean and Michelle Condron, 0.190 acres at 1595 Broad Crossing Road, Hollymead, $330,000.

April Considine to Todd J. Long and Rachna D. Patel, 1.35 acres at 799 Gilliams Mountain Road, Peacock Hill, $810,000.

Mary Babb and Rudolph J. Morris Jr. to Gary B. and Aileen J. Selmeczi, 0.337 acres at 1100 River Oaks Lane, River Oaks of Dunlora, $522,500.

Princess Anne Development LLC to Albemarle Storage LLC, 5.006 acres at 5390 Three Notch'd Road, Crozet,, gift.

Big Deal


Kevin R. and Cynthia F. Madigan to Alice Reno and James L. Malone III, 2.730 acres at 2734 Owensfield Court, Owensfield, $840,000.