Christy Gillmore-1996 Mustang

Christy Gillmore and her 1996 Mustang are no strangers to danger.

"My car only has rear wheel drive, so I probably shouldn't drive it in any kind of precipitation– not even rain," says Gillmore. "But I still do," she adds coyly.

Despite her daredevil attitude, Gillmore makes sure to treat her ride right.

"Mustangs are high-maintenance vehicles, but if you keep up with them, they run well," she says. "Mine has about 104,000 miles on it, and it's still doing fine."

But there have been a few close calls.

"Once, I was two inches from slamming into a stop sign," admits Gillmore. "Then another time I did a 180 because I was going too fast around a corner."

Gillmore recognizes her car's penchant for trouble, but it has redeeming features.

"It's pretty," she insists. "It's metallic purple!"

Christy Gillmore and her 'Stang

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