Nipples rock

For those who objected to seeing a nipple in print [September 22 letters: "Paige's breasts too clear" and "Paige too topless"], your rationality is sexist. Had a male model been signing his Playgirl spread, and his nipples been bared, no one would have cared. But by God, we cannot see a female breast, because, just like masturbation, it may lead to blindness and a host of other health problems.

And just think: someone's eight-year old son has seen one! He'll surely have died by now. Lest we forget, Charlottesville, most of your children emerged through a vagina and then nursed on a breast. These are the parts of the female body that brought your children into the world and nourished them to health. Why we still equate shame with the naked female form, when it is the house of Life, is beyond me.

Instead of teaching your children to hate the site of nipples, teach them to hate the sight of war, intolerance, and cruelty. If seeing a nipple is the worst thing that happens to your child, then you can count their lives as being extremely blessed and free of harm.

Clayton Kinnelon Greiman