Fall on the knife, R.S.

The letter by R.S. Faris expressing a philosophical conflict with Marlene Condon's pinpoint and ecologically sound yellow jacket management technique of yellow jackets is a bit over the top [September 22: "Condon was cruel"].

Faris' premise that killing an Iraqi baby is but a mental stone's throw from killing yellow jackets presumes that we may be trying to kill Iraqi babies while we are over there. I do not share that belief. No doubt Iraqi babies have been killed unintentionally during this conflict by U.S. activities just as ants have been killed unintentionally under foot or tire tread by the activities of R.S. Faris.

In fact, by virtue of one's very existence in today's world, one is harming "the precious web of life." Due to the ever-expanding world population (the root cause of our problems), I might philosophically suggest to R.S. Faris that falling on the knife may be more helpful to the environment than philosophical discussions about the minds of men.

Robert Butler