Wrong house depicted, wrong time, wrong site, cardboard fry-holder

The picture of the house in the Real Estate update published in the September 29 issue of the Hook was not the house in Belmont that sold for $303,000. That house is pictured here.

* In last week's tease to this week's cover story about the history of UVA rock shows, our mad libs gave the impression that UVA concert-goers showed up on Paul Simon's live album 10 years later. The live album actually came out the year following the UVA performance.

* The photo credit for the cool picture of Dave Matthews and Mick Jagger crooning over their lost loves ("Memory Motel") in last week's special Stones edition gave the wrong provenance for the photo. It came from doctorstones.net.

* In our September 22 story entitled "Burger battle: Flat-out legal warfare... ended," about the lawsuit waged by the Riverside Lunch, the side order of fries at Martin's has always been served in a small cardboard dish, and the basket of fries continues to be served in a basket. So what really changed? With neither side talking, we just don't know.