Boxed in: Scott's boxes snapped up

Skybox holders get a bonus this year. They've already paid nearly $60,000 to rent the things– $10,000 for each of six home games on the Cavalier football schedule. Now, they'll get to see a world-famous band for less than the price of many tickets in the stands: $100 per person extra.

"It was the promoter's decision what to charge," explains Marilyn Wright, the suite director at Scott Stadium.

Skybox holders must have sensed a deal. "Everybody bought their suite tickets," says Wright. "If I had extra suites, I could lease them. Lots of people have been calling."

In the end, all 56 suites will be hopping on the night of the show, Wright says– even the 12 viewless boxes in the stadium's wings. Ideal for football, the wing boxes are located behind the stage, so Wright says she has provided those box-holders with "lovely" seats in the stands.

The actual boxes have some loveliness of their own. For starters, they're climate-controlled and carpeted, each with its own rest room and TV monitor as well as a refrigerator and bar. They can serve food (as long as it comes from UVA Catering). And each opens on to an outdoor seating area with another TV monitor and overhead heat lamps.

Depending on size and location, boxes are designed for up to 28 guests and rent for $54,000-$57,000 annually.

"Who knew when we renovated Scott Stadium that we'd have concerts?" says Wright. "I sent them an email, and most of them responded promptly."

It's no secret that most skyboxes are leased by corporations or high net-worth individuals, who tend toward the upper-age brackets. Perhaps the chance to see a member of their own generation strutting around in spandex was too good to pass up. Another perk is that concertgoers in the skyboxes are the only ones allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.

"Only within the four walls of their suite," Wright clarifies.

So what happens if drinkers step on the open-air platform?

"I can have them arrested," says Wright with a chuckle, "but I usually don't."

Scott Stadium suite director Marilyn Wright