Testing, testing: UVA's wild rockin' history

As best we can determine, Duke Ellington in 1956 was the first concert in Scott Stadium. Then came Dave Matthews in 2001. But if you think you know the history of rockin' shows at UVA, you might get an eye-opener in next week's Hook cover story. Penned by Dartmouth student Lindsay Barnes, who interned at the paper over the summer, the story highlights interviews with notables such as Larry Sabato and WTJU director Chuck Taylor and uncovers little-known facts that will amaze you.

Don't want to wait 'til next week? Test your knowledge with these Mad-Libs. Don't peek at the answers until you've finished.


Rock And Roll Mad Libs

1971: The ____(noun [Southern rock and blues band])____ just couldn't get it together in 1971 after run-ins with heroin and motorcycles.


1974: Sha-Na-Na guitarist, Vinny Taylor, ____(verb, past tense)____ in his Holiday Inn hotel room after a Mem Gym show.


1973: UVA concert-goers showed up on ____(proper noun [mellifluous singer])____'s live album. [In the orginal printed version of this story, we misstated the date of the live album's release. We have removed the error in this online edition.]


1982: Even ____(noun [tie-dye rockers])____ couldn't revive the PK German budget with a sold-out concert.


1984: WTJU DJ Dale Kutnya reported (falsely) that Elvis Costello ____(verb, past tense)____.


1986: ____(noun [Blues legend])____ shot the breeze with UVA students at the Colonnades after a show at Lambeth Field.


1986: Peter Buck ____(verb, past tense)___ an enthusiastic fan during a concert at U-Hall.


Answers: Allman Brothers, died, Paul Simon, the Grateful Dead, died, B.B. King, punched.