Concert factoids for October 6, 2005


Headliner: The Rolling Stones

Opener: Trey Anastasio



Doors open: 5:30pm

Show begins: 7pm



Announced: May 10, 2005

Via: live video-feed from New York's Lincoln Center



Name: Scott Stadium (in the Carl Smith Center and with that groovy David A. Harrison field)

Rank: biggest stadium in Central Virginia. Built in 1931, it underwent a $100 million expansion for the 2000-2001 football season.

Capacity: about 60,000



DMB 2001: 50,000

Stones 2005: 52,000 so far

Football record: 63,701 (November 13, 2004– against Miami)



Prices: $60, $95, $160 in the stands. $350 for the "Gold Circle." Ticketmaster slaps "convenience" fees of $13.20, $15.60, $21.80, $26.70 per ticket plus a $4.35 processing fee– plus $14.50 for UPS shipping.

Limited view: tickets in the wing sections were released June 15.

Ticket scalping and counterfeiting: See story on page xx.

Buzz: Upon entering the venue, any mobile phone or PDA-equipped ticket-holder can dial the Rolling Stones short-code, 25852, enter the word "Stones" (your standard text messaging fee applies), to enter a random draw to have your ticket upgraded (with up to one guest) for On-Stage tickets for no extra charge.

Buzzkill: Some Stones fans are of the age that they haven't figured out how to text-message on their mobile phones... if they have mobile phones. (Technophobes can enter by filling out an "On-Stage upgrade" ballot which will be available somewhere in Scott Stadium.)



Parking quirk: The show's on a Thursday, so worker bees have dibs on parking. [See story on page xx for hot parking tips.]

Roads closures: At 5:30pm, access to Stadium, Alderman, and McCormick Roads will be restricted to concert permit-holders and residents with passes.

Slowdowns: like football game days



Beasts of burden: Cranes. The steel frame of the stage must be erected by cranes crawling over a temporary roadway laid and removed each day from October 1 to October 5

Other beasts: The gear requires 50– yes, 50!– tractor trailers.

Tight squeeze: One of the big sticking points that had to be cleared before the May 10 announcement was whether the cranes and the Stones' set could fit through the "tunnel" to David A. Harrison field.

Roadies: UVA is overseeing catering tents and generators to feed the array of steel erectors and other crews– three meals a day for a week for about 500 people.



Originals: "Start Me Up" has become their trademark opener. And there should be plenty of crowd-pleasing back catalogue favorites including "Satisfaction" and "It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)." But you might want to check out the new album because they've been playing up to three songs per gig from it– including "Infamy," sung by Keith Richards which debuted at Fenway Park.

Covers: They ain't too proud to beg someone else's material. At Fenway, they performed the Ray Charles hit, "Night Time Is the Right Time." Then, at New York's Madison Square Garden, they played Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up."



Merchandise: There will be seven or eight tongue-centric merchandise stands inside Scott stadium– plus two or three outside. Not cheap. One tie-dyed women's t-shirt goes for $43!

Concessions: similar to football games– including hotdogs, Aqua Fina, Dominic's sausages, Red Hot & Blue barbecue, etc.



Stadium management: 924-3820 (activated 4pm show day)

Ticketmaster: 888-808-8660

UVA Police: 924-7166

Scott Stadium Box Office: open from 10am onward on the day of the show at the "West Gate" of the venue. (Special Stones line: 924-????)

Regular box office: 924-8821



Stadium rules: By entering, you consent to a parcel search, and Scott doesn't allow booze, glass containers, metal containers, umbrellas, fireworks, weapons including knives, illegal drugs, secret packages, video or still cameras, or vending on premises. And no Frisbees (really).

Undercover agents: This is the first concert at Scott since 9/11, but even back at the April 2001 DMB show, UVA revealed that along with uniformed officers, undercover officers would be on hand to ensure against doping.

Post 9/11: Air space is now restricted.

Yellow shirts: There will be over 200 event staff (a few dozen more than for a football game due to the field seating).

The chopper: The State Police circled overhead during DMB 2001. This time, they're not planning a chopper, but they're not saying exactly how many officers they'll have.

Taping: This is not your buddy Dave's show, so leave your digital tape deck and mp3 recorder at home.



Local kingpin: Tres Thomas of The Next Adventure

Local facility management: Larry Wilson of SMG management

Local helper: Coran Capshaw

National honchos: "A Bigger Bang" World Tour is presented by Ameriquest Mortgage Company. Rolling Stones World tour 2005/2006 presented by Concert Productions International and produced by WPC Piecemeal Inc.



Katrina relief: The Stones' "Bigger Bang" tour is donating $1 million to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Katrina Victims. Ever since the September 8 show in Milwaukee, the Stones have set up booths at concert venues where fans can donate.

UVA relief: For DMB 2001, UVA's athletic department got $70,000 plus all the concession sales, and 20 percent of merchandise sales. UVA also got 300 free tickets to charge for security, parking, etc. And don't forget the new Bermuda grass field. Claiming that the contract is still under negotiation, UVA has yet to divulge what kind of deal it struck this time.


Sources: Scott Stadium and UVA officials including Rich Kovatch, Jason Bauman, Michael Colley, Becca White, plus tour releases.

Hey hey, you you, get me on stage!


Some genuine "Gold Circle tickets.


Tickets went for $60 to $350.


Caterers will feed up to 500 people a day here.


Where are you sitting?