A bigger lot: Concert parking tips for U


Tow trucks lurking: Thinking that a local business won't mind your car for "just a few hours" may be your ticket to a tow.


Friends in near places: Until City zoning officials clamped down on the practice nearly a decade ago, the JPA neighborhood was rife with enterprising residents offering their yards for a few bucks. (You still might want to touch base with your pals on JPA.)


Stadium lots: Sorry, 1,500 primo spots around the stadium– normally reserved for big donors to the Virginia Athletics Foundation– got snapped up for $15 each in an early-September lottery.


Other unofficial UVA parking: The lot across from New Cabell may be saved for concessions, or it might be available for $10 a spot.


Street parking: Don't park in neighborhoods that have permit-only signs, but many urban streets may have free parallel parking for you and Keith.


UTS: The University's bus service expanded the Green route so employees can get to work, but all other service will be suspended at 3:30, 4:30, and 5:30.


UVA garages: UVA has three whoppers open at 5:30, with a total of about 1,800 spaces, and each charges $10, the usual charge for a football game:

* Central Grounds Garage - approx. spaces: 200 (on Emmet St.)

* Emmet/Ivy Garage - approx. spaces: 600 (Ivy Road)

* Health System South - approx. spaces: 1,000 (at 15th and Crispell)


Complicating factor: Thursday is a workday at the U, and many worker bees may be staying for the show, so the exact number of available UVA garage spots can't be estimated.


Downtown garage/shuttle: CTS shuttle buses run beginning at 6:15 from both the Water Street and Market Street parking garages to the concert for the roundtrip fare of $3 (exact fare needed). The parking itself costs regular rates: $1/hour in the never-filled Water Street Garage and at the $1.50 Water Street surface lot and the Market Street garage. 977-1812


Contact: parking@virginia.edu and 924-7231.


Sources: UVA P&T, Charlottesville Parking Center


Where would Parking and Transportation Director Rebecca White park if she were a crazy kid driving up from Richmond? "Fontaine. It's right off 64, and it's a beautiful 20-minute walk. and it's free. And," White adds, "if it's full, we'll wave you right down to a $10 lot."