Question: Are you gonna get Stoned?

"I am going to the Rolling Stones show," says Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine art director Travis Searcy. "It's my birthday, and my girlfriend got me the tickets as a present."


Ceiling and Floor Shop co-owner Bernie Martin wouldn't miss the show. "I grew up listening to the band's music," he says. "I'm taking my 16-year-old son, Cos. He's excited about going."


Anthony Johnson
has high hopes: "I'm expecting it to be bananas!"


Art student Rebecca Hensley isn't quite sure. "I think I am," she says. Like many local folks, "Everyone has been telling me they have an extra ticket, and I want it."


Mayor David Brown
is hip, but he can't believe everybody else is too. "Yes, I'm going," he says, "but I'm amazed this many people want to see 60-year-olds jump around on stage."


You won't catch photographer Bart Atkins anywhere near Scott Stadium. "I'm not a concert person," he says. "Besides, aren't the tickets like 100 bucks or something?"


"Yes. I can't wait 'til they get here," says Darnell Walker, who's obviously a chip off the old block. "My mother has me very excited about it. She went to a concert years ago and went wild. I'm expecting to do the same."


"If I can get a ticket, I'll go," says Jequeatta Upton. "Hopefully, we can bring a lot more high profile shows to UVA. One of my goals as Student Council president is to bring a 2008 presidential debate here, and having a group like the Rolling Stones will help highlight UVA on the map."


Justin King
is turned off by the whole premise. "No, I'm not going," he says. "That's something my mom would do. I wouldn't want to stare at Mick Jagger's huge gab anyway."


Josh Lowry
would like to go, but isn't too optimistic. "It's a little bit too expensive for me," says the Atomic Burrito barista sadly, "but they're one of my favorite bands."


Democrat blogger George Loper isn't ashamed to admit his love life has hit a dry spell. "I wouldn't miss the show," he says. "I still can't get any satisfaction."


Ken Stroupe
over at UVA's Center for Politics says, "I'm not going. Tickets cost too much." He's also worried about the potential for disaster: "I don't want to be there when Mick Jagger breaks a hip."


Joe Szakos
, director of the Virginia Organizing Project sees injustice even at this rock concert. "No, I'm not gong," he says. "It's a great community event, but it's a shame and a disgrace that UVA workers who will clean up after the show are not paid a living wage. Shame on Mr. Casteen and Mr. Sandridge."


"I believe my role at the concert will be security," says Sheriff Cornelia Johnson. "I'd love to go since Mick Jagger and I are both 62, and we're both still going strong."


"No, I'm not a fan of the Rolling Stones," says Jose Giron, owner of The Consignment House on the Downtown Mall. But he adds, "If I could go, I would like to see the show."


UVA student Caroline Melton has other priorities. "It's my mom's birthday," she says, "so I'm going home."


Bonnie White
is retired, but she raised a rocker. "I'm probably not a Rolling Stones fan, but I bet my son is," she says.


Carpenter A.J. McAlister is totally over the top. "Yes, I'm going. It's the Rolling Stones," he gushes, "and Trey is opening!"


Monticello visitors services aide Kreela Moore has too much on her plate to make time for the Stones: "I have so many activities going on like belly dancing and art. That's where my money is going, and I'm overspending as it is."


Camilla Tolton says, "No. I've been hearing about it for quite some time. It's embarrassing that I don't know too many songs."