Banged up: New album bangs


This is the Stones' first studio album since 1997's Bridges to Babylon.

Release dates: Europe on September 5. US/Canada on September 6

Producers: Don Was and the Glimmer Twins

Recorded: in France and St. Vincent, West Indies in 2004 and 2005

Mastered: at Karma Farm, Manhattan Beach, CA in July 2005

Vocals: Mick, except when it's Keith on "This Place is Empty" and "Infamy"

Singles: "Rough Justice" and "Streets of Love"

Sneak preview: On May 10, they played "Oh No, Not You Again," on the balcony of New York's Julliard School for the press conference for the announcement of the tour.

Best sign that nothing's changed in 40+ years: First verse on the album:

One time you were my baby chicken

Now you've grown into a fox

Once upon a time

I was your little rooster

Now I'm just one of your cocks



Rough Justice

Let Me Down Slow

It Won't Take Long

Rain Fall Down

Streets Of Love

Back Of My Hand

She Saw Me Coming

Biggest Mistake

This Place Is Empty

Oh No, Not You Again

Dangerous Beauty

Laugh, I Nearly Died

Sweet Neo Con

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Driving Too Fast


A Bigger Bang  came out September 6.