Rachel Smith & 1995 Honda Odyssey

In these dire days of $4/gallon gas, the Hook wants to spotlight, if not Charlottesville's flashiest car, perhaps its most efficient.

UVA student Rachel Smith's van may be the closest thing to a bus without being an actual bus.

"It gets great gas mileage, and I can get up to 11 people in this sucker," boasts Smith. "The only drawback I can think of is that more people don't have one."

What her ride lacks in looks it makes up for in muscle.

"Seriously, this van has seen it all," says a somber Smith. "It's been literally covered in bat guano (don't ask), I've run it into a couple of different things and taken it four-wheeling. Once it was the object of a prank war. Enough said."

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Rachel Smith